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About that story we "stole"...

8 things to ask yourself before you accuse a publication of stealing your stuff and barf all over their beautiful Facebook page:


1. Do you have it trademarked?

No? Well, uh, I guess keep going just for fun. 

2. Is your idea so completely original that no one could have ever thought of it before? 

No again? Wait, so books, articles, and other original sources of this stuff have been around for years in print and online, many published before your own?

http://www.hiddensandiego.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page (<--- celebrating their 9th year!)

3. Was the publication transparent about the story from the very beginning stages when they decided to write it? 

Yes, and it was even published on the widely available planning calendar for the year? Yikes. 

4. Did they actually steal your content or did they write and report their own story?

Well, they sent out a call for pitches to their contributors, then assigned reporters and writers to go find and write about the secret stuff, and paid them to do it? 

Dang, it sounds like they actually wrote the story the old-fashioned way.

5. Did they request an interview with you to include you in the story? 

They did? Oh.

6. Do they have a track record of seeking out and shutting down bloggers? 

No? Dang again! And in fact they actually highlight and feature local bloggers, even pay them to contribute to the magazine?  

7. Did they trademark Hidden San Diego in the magazine class?

Yes? So unless you're planning to start a magazine, this doesn't affect you at all? 

8. Did they consult a newsstand expert, circulation expert, and digital media expert when deciding on the best words to use to tell the story in print and online, so that the most possible San Diegans would read, share, enjoy and use it? 

Yes? Wow, that sounds like a publication with their stuff together. No wonder they are so proud of their stories and have a 66-year legacy in the region. Maybe next time respond to their email?


*In case it's not clear, a blogger is accusing us of ripping off her article, and pretty aggressively posting things that are not true on a lot of different places on the internet. Frankly, we couldn't keep track of it all, so we posted this here in an attempt to try to lay out some facts on our own turf. That's what the experts say to do in these wacky social media wars. Hope this helps clarify things. Please leave your comments! 

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