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A Holistic Approach to

Pediatric Sports Medicine

Le’s story is just one piece of the

puzzle that makes up sports-related

surgery at Rady Children’s. The spe-

cialists of 360 Sports Medicine—the

only pediatric-trained orthopedic

physicians in the county—offer a full

spectrum of services to young athletes

looking to make a safe return to sports

after an injury.

“At 360 Sports Medicine, we aim to

provide a holistic approach to pediatric

sports medicine—not only to repair

and treat injury, but to try to make

sure our patients never get hurt in the

first place,” says Eric Edmonds, MD, the

program’s co-director and the Hospi-

tal’s director of orthopedic research,

and one of only two fellowship-trained,

board-certified orthopedic surgeons

with a subspecialty certification in

sports medicine south of Los Angeles.

Dr. Edmonds most frequently sees

young athletes with fractures and

instability injuries of the knee and

shoulder, which fall under the

umbrella of what he calls “sprauma,” a

sometimes indistinguishable combi-

nation of sports medicine and trauma.

The expertise and experience of a

team whose entire practice is dedi-

cated to the needs of pediatric patients

is what makes 360 Sports Medicine

uniquely qualified to treat everyone

from Little League players to college

athletes. Rady Children’s experts

are the only physicians in San Diego

County board certified in sports medi-

cine with pediatric orthopedic fellow-

ship training. No adult sports medicine

facility can offer this level of expertise.

The team is also developing resources

for psychosocial support related to the

emotional stresses of injury.

“Our system is integrated such that

we all work toward the same goal of

improving outcomes for our patients,”

Dr. Edmonds says. “360 Sports Medi-

cine isn’t just about the individual pa-

tient, but about all potential patients

and how we can improve pediatric

sports medicine outcomes overall—

not just in San Diego, but nationally

and internationally.”

Since 2009, students at San Diego’s

Hoover and Crawford high schools

have been able to forge new paths to

academic and professional success in

health-related fields thanks to FACES for

the Future. A four-year academic and

career preparation program launched

by Rady Children’s, FACES features five

program components:

Health career experience through

job shadowing and clinical rotations

in healthcare, biotech and social

service organizations throughout

San Diego

Academic enhancement through

a specialized curriculum, tutoring,

mentoring and college- and career-

prep workshops

Wellness and psychosocial support

through needs assessments and

conflict resolution training

Personal development through

skills and leadership workshops

Alumni support through ongoing

events after high school graduation

For more information, visit




for the

A career prep program

setting San Diego high school

students on a path to success