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Higher Dimensions of Cancer Care

Philanthropy supports new radiation oncology tools to precisely target cancer
Scripps Health

Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center is committed to providing patients with the most advanced technologies to fight cancer. One example is radiation therapy, a discipline where precision saves lives. With support from committed philanthropists, Scripps MD Anderson recently added several new Varian TrueBeam linear accelerators—which are some of the world’s most sophisticated radiation oncology technologies—to its therapeutic toolkit. This advanced radiation oncology technology can tightly conform its beams to eradicate tumors, while sparing healthy tissue. The TrueBeam is the newest iteration of image-guided radiation therapy, which can follow moving targets, such as lung tumors that shift as a patient breathes. It also provides leading-edge capabilities to help patients with difficult-to-treat cancers. Learn more about the innovative care at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center here.

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Scripps Health Cancer Care

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