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Special Offer on Stretch Sessions at StretchLab

Get your stretch on in Solana Beach

StretchLab is a brand new one on one assisted stretching studio to launch in San Diego. StretchLab offers an energetic and fun high end experience in a communal space to anyone seeking an increase in range of motion, flexibility, stress reduction, improved posture, faster recovery time, and better sports performance. Our highly trained Flexologists will guide you through a 25 or 50 minute assisted stretching experience created just for you. StretchLab will create a stretching solution tailored to any age or level, custom designed to suit your specific needs. We cannot wait to have you join the MOVEMENT to your FLEXIBILITY JOURNEY. We are a team of passionate people who love to serve the community, work hard, play harder, and care about what we do on a daily basis.

  • What: 3×25 minute stretch sessions for $119 or 3×50 minute stretch sessions for $229, includes BYGO grip socks required for the stretch (one time purchase only)
  • When: Daily.
  • Where: StretchLab Studio
  • How: Use instructions in your Insiders Offers Newsletter to redeem offer

This offer is available only to members of San Diego Magazine Insiders.

Special Offer on Stretch Sessions at StretchLab

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