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A 14-piece tribute to Frank Zappa – The Stinkfoot Orchestra feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock

About the Event

The Stinkfoot Orchestra pulls no punches – delivering two sets of Frank’s music via a 14-piece ensemble which incorporates a six-piece horn section, tuned percussion, and five vocalists. Founded in 2019 by Nick Chargin – a 35-year veteran of the SF Bay Area music scene, the Stinkfoot Orchestra has been taking their show to the stage since September of 2021 – bringing along Zappa alumni for the ride at every stop.

This tour features one of Zappa’s most beloved vocalists of all time – Napoleon Murphy Brock. As the iconic front man for Frank Zappa’s most infamous 1970’s ensemble, Napoleon Murphy Brock helped breathe life into many of Frank’s most enduring compositions over the course of 4 albums including what many consider to be Zappa’s greatest live release, Roxy and Elsewhere. Decades later, the Grammy Award-winning San Jose native’s voice and performance are as strong as ever – still boasting a 4-octave range and wielding a magnetic personality that dominates the stage.

The Stinkfoot Orchestra presents the intricacies and eccentricities of Frank’s music with power, authenticity, and musical prowess – leaving even the most critical Zappaphile pining for more. If you were able to catch the ensemble’s last trip to Southern California, you know what an amazing show to expect. If you missed it, don’t make the same mistake twice.

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