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Author Talk and Signing: Parker Adams Presents ‘The Lock Box’

About the Event

Free and open to the public! Join Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in-store at 7pm on Monday, March 18 as they welcome local San Diego author Parker Adams to celebrate the release of his new heist thriller, The Lock Box. Parker will be joined in-conversation by award-winning author and San Diego Sisters in Crime chapter president Carl Vonderau. The event will consist of a 30 minute discussion, followed by a Q&A with the audience, and finally a book signing.  

About the Book

When an army-vet-turned-safecracker is forcibly recruited to be part of a dangerous heist, she’ll need all her skills to get out alive in this fast-paced thriller perfect for fans of Jeffery Deaver and P. J. Tracy.

Nearly a decade after getting chased out of the Army for fighting back against abuse, Monna Locke’s skill and discretion have made her the go-to safecracker for Los Angeles clients who need vaults opened and no questions asked. When a lawyer hires her to retrieve a box from his client’s mansion, it seems like an easy payday–until she opens the safe and is immediately attacked by heavily-armed men. Locke barely escapes and returns to her isolated cabin only to find the client waiting in her home, threatening what she holds most dear: her son, Evan. After being knocked unconscious, she wakes up across the country, trapped in her own personal nightmare: she and Evan will be held captive until she helps a seedy crew pull off a seemingly impossible heist.

Forced to practice breaking into the most impenetrable safe ever designed, Locke bides her time and eyes her escape routes. She knows there’s no way to finish the job she’s been forced into, but it’s either crack the lock, or lose everything.

About the Author

The son of a navy helicopter pilot, Parker Adams chased great white sharks as a marine biologist before becoming a patent lawyer who litigates multimillion-dollar cases for high-tech clients. In his spare time, he writes high-stakes thrillers that feature travel and technology, including the best-selling Seth Walker series (as Joseph Reid) and most recently, The Lock Box. A graduate of Duke University and the University of Notre Dame, he lives in San Diego with his wife and children.

About the Moderator

Carl Vonderau is a former banker and anti-money laundering specialist turned crime fiction writer. A graduate of Stanford University, Carl has lived and worked in Latin America, Canada, and North Africa. His debut thriller, Murderabilia, won the Best Debut Mystery award from Left Coast Crime and the San Diego Book award for Best Mystery. Carl lives in San Diego with his wife. Saving Myles is his latest novel.


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