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Feisty Fuego & Soul Ablaze presents Sultry Haze

About the Event

A Dreamlike Burlesque Experience Set to Sultry Grooves

Step into the Sultry Haze, where the band is grooving, the burlesque performers are strutting, and the patrons are reveling in the time of their lives.

From their seats, guests will be immersed in lyrical stories woven with both jaunty and seductive burlesque performances, accompanied by melodic and hypnotic tunes that resonate through their bodies.

Witness this snapshot in time through the eyes of those who bring these nightlife fantasies to life. Dive into the inner thoughts of the bartender amidst their bustling night, feel the anticipation of the eager kitten awaiting their moment in the spotlight, and sense the rush of the showgirl venue-hopping to make their call times. Delight in the intimate details of showbiz.

Music by Soul Ablaze

Verdell- Guitar/Keyboard/Singer
Michelle- Bari Sax
Shannon- Bass
Nathan- Drums

Narrated by Feisty Fuego

Burlesque Performances by:
Ginger N. Whiskey
Miss Hellfires
Moxxi Bustion
Della Limonchella
Whiskey & Fuego

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1230 Columbia Street, Suite 800,

San Diego, CA