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George’s Guest Chef Dinner Series with Connor McVay & Christine Rivera

About the Event

We are excited to introduce the Guest Chef Dinner Series, a year-long celebration marking the 40th anniversary of George’s at the Cove. In tribute to our rich history and the contributions of past employees who have become successful chefs, this series will feature the culinary skills of these individuals. Each month in 2024, we will host these chefs, offering exclusive dining experiences. Get ready for a diverse array of flavors that showcase the talents nurtured at George’s at the Cove, making this anniversary a sensory feast.

San Diego native Connor McVay started as cook at Georges California Modern. He moved to Los Angeles where he worked under Chef Wolfgang Puck and Chef Lee Hefter for the better part of a decade most recently as the Executive Chef of the Hotel Bel Air. Christine Rivera was a cook in California Modern and the Ocean Terrace and was then promoted to Executive Chef of Galaxy Taco, Georges at the Cover’s sister restaurant. She helped transition Galaxy to Sandpiper Wood Fired Grill & Oyster before taking the Executive Chef role at The Bishop’s School.

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