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Knowing / Not Knowing

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KNOWING / NOT KNOWING is an 80-minute musical work for narrator, recorded actors, live and filmed performers, projected imagery, San Diego’s SACRA/PROFANA Chorus, and 8-channel sound movement. The work’s text has nine sections spanning Infancy and Individuation through Communality and Knowledge. Its text draws from more than two dozen sources ranging from ancient Persian and Indian wisdom, through the contemporary voices of Chinua Achebe, Wallace Stevens, James Baldwin, Simone Weil, Albert Camus, Toni Morrison, Carlo Rovelli, David Brooks, Amanda Gorman and many others. Although their perspectives span time and arise from the living of contrasted lives, the composite weave feels natural: many voices speaking as one about the lives we all lead.

“Trust implies a willingness to depend upon another.” … “Compassion is a miracle more astonishing than walking on water.” … “Make yourself into an agent – consistent, unified and whole.” … “Every human being is a miracle.”

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