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Lisa Sanders & Brown Sugar – Sincerity in Song

About the Event

Lisa Sanders is an electrifying harmonizer. Her heartfelt songs are genuine with deep meaning and conviction. A musical style that can only be described as soulful country blues, her genres include folk pop, gospel, rock and jazz. Writing, singing and producing from her heart in nearly every genre for over three decades, Sanders continues to make an impact in the musical world. Kamau Kenyatta will host and conduct a Q&A with Sanders after her performance.

A dynamic, soulful, heartfelt singing duo with a gift for crafting wonderful songs and stories. Based in San Diego, they’ve opened for Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams, BB King, Dixie Chicks, Sarah McLachlan and more.

“This fantastic group, propelled by the world-class songwriting of Lisa Sanders, impresses with its beauty, mastery and universal themes,” says Kenyatta.

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