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The Arcadian Wild

About the Event

“Harmony has been at the center of our musical experience and expression from the very beginning,” says mandolinist/singer Lincoln Mick. “Often, when we’re unsure of what to do next, we’ll say, ‘Let’s just all sing together.’ We’ve changed a lot as a band over the years, but harmony has always been the backbone of what we do, which has led us to create all thesebackground vocals that not only support the lead, but have a life and character of their own.”

This sense of harmony and hospitality has been central to The Arcadian Wild’s story from its earliest days.

Named for a utopian landscape in Greek mythology, the group got its start roughly a decade ago, when Isaac Horn and Lincoln Mick met as choir students at Nashville’s Lipscomb University. While both had grown up on alt-rock and punk, they quickly bonded over a shared love for American roots music and the endless possibilities that lay beyond the boundaries of tradition and expectation.

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