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The Dog Society Husky Meetup

About the Event

🐾 Calling all Husky lovers in San Diego! 🐾 Join us for an exciting Husky meetup hosted by the Dog Society on March 11th from 5-7 pm! 🌟 Bring your majestic Huskies and come together with fellow enthusiasts for an evening of furry fun and Husky camaraderie. Whether your Husky enjoys running, playing, or simply socializing with other pups, this event promises tail-wagging excitement for all. Don’t miss out on this paw-some opportunity to connect with the Husky community and celebrate the beauty and spirit of these incredible dogs! 🐶❄️ #HuskyMeetup #DogSocietySD #FurryFun #SanDiegoPets

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1230 Columbia Street, Suite 800,

San Diego, CA