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10 San Diego Fitness Classes & Activities for the New Year

These gym, studios and programs will help get your body moving so you can meet your fitness goals
Courtesy of Madhouse Dance

Originally published January 2023 | Updated December 2023

New year, new fitness goals, right? Like many people, we’re starting 2024 with a focus on health and staying active. No matter what your fitness objectives may be, there are plenty of activities around town prepared to help you achieve them. From more traditional gym settings to unique ways of getting your body moving, these 10 San Diego studios, wellness programs, and activities will help you start the new year off right.

Activate House

Start 2024 on the right foot with Activate House, the San Diego fitness studio and gym located in North Park offers spin, sculpt, and yoga classes. Calling themselves a “new-age fitness studio,” AH emphasizes intentional training through movement and encourages mental balance and well-being. The sense of community the studio cultivates is accentuated with eucalyptus towels, a juice bar, and highly trained staff.

2855 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104

Courtesy of Black Girls Run

Black Girls Run

Hit the pavement with Black Girls Run, a community that’s working to tackle obesity and motivate women to get out and move their bodies. Created in 2009, Black Girls Run has served the San Diego fitness scene as a resource for those looking to practice a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re an avid gym-goer or looking to start a fitness regimen. With national meet-ups already planned throughout 2023, this movement is determined to make a difference in the lives of individuals and the community.

Various locations

Body University

Regardless of your fitness level, Body University in La Mesa caters to individuals’ needs and goals. The boutique gym offers small group private training services (6-8 people at a time) and focuses solely on one-hour weight lifting sessions. Though open to all gender identities, you’ll most often find it packed with women only, which can be less intimidating for women who may be new to lifting. BU also offers body building competition services as well as customized nutrition programs and lifestyle guidance. With fitness equipment including free weights, cardio equipment, personal training, and highly trained staff, you’re sure to achieve your wellness goals.

6062 Lake Murray Blvd. #205, La Mesa, CA 91942

CorePower Yoga

A staple in the San Diego fitness scene, CorePower Yoga offers both yoga and high-intensity strength training classes. Their newest class, Strength X focuses on helping you build lean muscles via targeted weight circuits and invigorating breath work. Five San Diego studios are hosting Strength X classes currently, and the Point Loma studio also offers scholarships to the CorePower Yoga Teacher Training program for BIPOC.

Various locations

Courtesy of Wheelchair Dance Organization Inclusive Dance

Wheelchair Dance Organization Inclusive Dance

Wheelchair Dance Organization (WDO) Inclusive Dance is making dance more accessible for everyone. The nonprofit organization works to decrease feelings of isolation among those living with disabilities by building a community of dancers at any and all levels. The variety of dance classes offered—Latin jazz, samba reggae, hip hop, Bollywood—are free, taught by professionals, and include modifications for those in wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

Courtesy of The Experience Fitness and Mobility Studio

The Experience Fitness and Mobility Studio

When the Experience Fitness and Mobility Studio came onto the San Diego fitness scene, they were dedicated to creating a safe space for anyone wanting to reach their health and fitness goals, regardless of identity, race, age, sexual preference, or athletic ability. The openly LGBTQ, wife-owned gym offers a place to reach your fitness aspirations. With a variety of training styles and methodology, you’ll build muscle, improve your range of motion, and eliminate pain. Beyond physical fitness, studio recognizes the inclusion of mental and emotional well-being for overall health and wellness.

1264 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92103

Courtesy of Madhouse Dance

Madhouse Dance

Spice up your workouts with dance fitness classes at Madhouse Dance. The nightclub-inspired studio is a welcome place to try out fitness choreography and get your heart racing through movement. Daily classes include chair choreography, beginners heels, and the studio’s flagship dance cardio. These classes are only open to women, non-binary, and femme-identifying individuals. If you want to try out Madhouse Dance from home, their website also features on-demand dance workouts.

1189 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92110

Courtesy of P.volve


P.volve, a fitness company which opened last year in La Jolla offers low-impact workouts paired with resistance equipment. Focusing on functional movement, P.volve (or Personal Evolution) classes work to activate and strengthen multiple muscles at once. While shaping and toning your body, you’ll also be improving mobility and balance, for a well-rounded workout.

4575 La Jolla Village Dr. #1172, San Diego, CA 92122

Courtesy of StretchLab


True health and strength goes beyond hitting the gym and getting your steps in. StretchLab in Little Italy opened in 2022 and promotes a balanced body through stretching to help improve posture and reduce stress. With one-on-one and group stretch classes available, the sessions will help improve sports performance, decrease joint pain, and increase your range of motion and flexibility.

880 W. Ash St., San Diego, CA 92101

Courtesy of Stride Fitness

Stride Fitness

If cardio is the name of your game, but you’re not a fan of running alone, are new to it, or want to change up your running game, head to Stride Fitness in Little Italy for treadmill-based interval training. Designed for walkers, joggers, and runners alike, Stride Fitness offers a full-body cardio and strength workout in three class formats: The Stride, The Combo, and The Core. The classes provide a variety of workout combinations, while a leveling system allows participants to run at their own speed.

785 W. Ash St., San Diego, CA 92101

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