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12 Must-Pack Items for Your Next Camping Trip

A tricked-out camper and cool blankets lend style, but don't forget about the essentials


Unless you’re sleeping in a MeerKat, Airstream, or cabin (Hello, glamper!), you’ll need a sturdy tent to tuck in to at night.

Sleeping Bag

Of course you’ll want something to actually sleep in. Don’t forget the sleeping pad!

Inflatable Pillow

They pack small, blow up big, and will prevent that crick in your neck.


Yes, we live in a perfect climate, but temps can fluctuate from hot and sunny by day to chilly and windy by night. Dress accordingly.

Toilet Paper

Most bathrooms have them, but it never hurts to have extra.

Head Lamp

Speaking of bathrooms, there’s nothing more frustrating or time-consuming than trying to navigate your way to the bathroom at 3 a.m. You’ll need a light.

Shower Shoes

Make sure you have proper footwear before you step into that communal shower. Athlete’s foot is not a good look.

Multitool/Knife and Plastic Bags

The WD-40 and duct tape of the outdoor world: each have a million uses and you’ll be surprised how often they come in handy.

Cleansing Wipes

They’re a savior for cleaning your hands, face, you name it—especially if there are no on-site showers.

Ear Plugs

Rowdy campers keeping you up at night? These should help.


Opt for SPF 30 or higher and one that’s waterproof if you’re heading for a swim or surf.

Matches or Barbecue Lighter

Unless you want to go old-school, these will help kick-start that campfire.

12 Must-Pack Items for Your Next Camping Trip

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