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50 Miles Through Mexico

A seasoned rider provides tips for the 36th Annual Rosarito–Ensenada Bike Ride

On May 2, the 50-mile fun ride will start from the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Spa and end in old town Ensenada. Kathleen Taormina, 58, an expat living in Ensenada, gives her advice.

It’s not for sport

Primarily, this ride is about being a spectacle. Most people are in costumes—the more outrageous, the better. That’s how you get your picture in the newspaper!

…But you can be serious

Some cyclists make it a century by riding from Ensenada to Rosarito and then making the organized ride back to Ensenada. And some do it the other way around. Not me!

Anything goes

You will see single-speeds, beach cruisers, in-line skates, tandems, and bikes pulling “stroller trailers” with children inside.

Bring pesos

Refuel along the route. Purchase tacos, fruit, and ice-cold beer. And the fiesta at the end makes getting up that hill worthwhile.

Embrace the chaos

Seven thousand riders make for a rough start with a foot on one pedal, hopping along until you get enough space to start pedaling. But hearing that many people clip in, one after the other, is an amazing sound.

Registration starts at $42.

50 Miles Through Mexico

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