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How COVID Jumpstarted Remote Patient Monitoring

Scripps’ COVID Care Companions keep an eye on patients as they self-quarantine

Scripps created its innovative COVID Care Companion program to give patients better tools to self-quarantine with. The goal is to help them cope with the illness and—as long as it is safe to do so—keep them out of the hospital. Scripps nurses check in on patients daily and monitor their vitals. This also gives them the opportunity to answer questions and allay any fears they may have. The program has so far been a lifeline for hundreds of COVID patients. Read more about Scripps COVID Care Companion program and hear from two couples who participated.

Remote monitoring is used with a number of other conditions too. Heart failure patient Fred Kunz is always on the go and doesn’t have much time for regular check-ins with his doctor. Instead, Scripps Clinic cardiologist Thomas Heywood, MD, monitors his condition remotely through a permanently implanted device called a CardioMEMS and its wireless transmitter tucked away inside a cozy pillow. Read more about how this technology helps Dr. Heywood stay in touch with his patient.

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Thomas Heywood, MD, Scripps Clinic

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