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The Prediabetes Problem

Lifestyle changes are key to stopping this precursor to chronic illness in its tracks

Preexisting conditions became a major concern as COVID spread because people with certain conditions were shown to be more likely to develop serious complications or die of the infection. Among them: obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately, prediabetes, which is linked to all four, was already on the rise pre-pandemic. Learn more about prediabetes and what Scripps is doing to help slow its progression or even reverse course.

Another condition that ups the risk for COVID complications is inflammation. Though considered by many to be a respiratory illness, new research suggests COVID-19 primarily infects the inside of the blood vessels. The inflammation the virus causes can affect the lungs, but also virtually every other part of the body. Lifestyle measures like how we eat and sleep can make a huge impact on inflammation and support immune health. Read more on how you can beat inflammation and boost your immunity.

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