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The Top Meditation Apps to Help Quiet Your Mind

For the newbies, the experts, and the doomscrollers


Best for: Beginners

Price: $12/month or $50/year

Balance starts with the basics, walking you through foundational tools like body scanning and breath focus in five in-depth sections. Once you master those techniques, you can personalize your practice to what works best for you with as little or as much guidance as you need.



Best for: Experienced users

Price: $13/month or $70/year

Ever wanted Harry Styles to whisk you off into dreamland? The Calm app makes it happen. In addition to its extensive library of freeform practices—ideal for the more skilled users—you can also select a sleep session narrated by celebrities like Laura Dern, Matthew McConaughey, and the former One Direction star.



Best for: Managing anxiety and stress

Price: $13/month or $70/year

Headspace makes meditation look fun, with cool illustrations and an app that’s easy to navigate. Their library consists of a wide variety of meditative practices to address specific issues, including anxiety, stress, work, and kids. Session lengths vary, so you can sneak in a meditative moment even if you have only three minutes on hand.


The Chopra App

The Chopra Center is making it easier than ever to take your self-care on the go. Their new app, launched in September, has guided meditation, helpful articles, and personalized tips for your personal growth and overall well-being.


Om No

Can’t get into meditation? Try mindfulness instead. The trick is to tackle one task at a time and to focus on being fully present in just that one task. Whether it’s washing your car, going for a walk, or sweeping the floors, you can still give your mind a break from the busyness without sitting down and saying “om.”


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