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Workout App: RockMyRun

A 30-second product review of RockMyRun

By Terry Rollman

Workout App: RockMyRun

Workout App: RockMyRun

Coming off an injury, I hadn’t been running consistently and was skeptical that a music app would be jacked-up enough to get me going. But RockMyRun, created by San Diego-based company Rock My World, Inc., surprised me. It not only got me going but kept me going. There are a huge variety of mixes to choose from; I chose the “Feel the Magic” mix (rock, pop, ’80s) curated by Marc Thrasher, a well-respected San Diego DJ. Unlike Pandora, where you will occasionally hit a ballad that stops you in your tracks, RockMyRun is designed for runners. You can even choose a playlist in which every song’s tempo matches your BPM (beats, or steps, per minute). I look forward to my next session with my new running buddy. I’m back! Standard membership, free; premium, from $3 per month

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