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70 & Sunny: Lyn and Hugo

Two San Diegans, decades apart, talk about about traditions and travels
Sydney Valiente

Lyn Hall

70, Traveler, Leucadia

Where can I find you on the weekend?

I travel a lot! I just came back from a trip to Nashville with my friends. When

I’m home, I love to go see live music and theater.

What do you love about theater?

I volunteer at The Old Globe and La Jolla Playhouse. Seeing the lighting and set design crews at work before the show is eye-opening.

What’s one of your most memorable travel experiences?

Taking my sister and nieces to see Hamilton in New York was so special. They knew every word to every song.

Have any travel must-dos?

Try new things! One time I went to Australia for a wedding, met some acquaintances, and ended up spending New Year’s Eve with them watching the fireworks right on the water.

What’s your favorite part of the holidays?

I have a Christmas dinner with a few friends—we’ve done that for 30 years. This year is the first without my sister and sister-in-law, so I’m spending extra time with my family.

Any resolutions for the new year?

I want to check more places off my travel list and stay involved in charitable work. My mother instilled in me the importance of lending a helping hand. Solutions for Change and Strides Against Breast Cancer both do amazing work.

Hugo Jaima

6, First Grader, North Park

Where can I find you on the weekend?

When I’m not playing soccer, I love being in the water. I like to dive—I can go like eight or nine feet down and I’m learning how to surf. I hope I can see a shark one day.

That wouldn’t scare you?

Not really. I just want to see one, not touch one. Did you know that tiger sharks will eat each other?

Where did you learn that?

I just looked it up. I like to know things about animals.

What’s one fact about you that might surprise me?

I know German. Well, I’m learning. My mom’s from there and I go to a German school. We’re going to visit this Christmas.

What’s your favorite part of the holidays?

I’m excited to go play in the snow in Germany. It’s soft, not crunchy like it is here! My parents also give us this calendar where every day you get a small gift leading up to Christmas. I forget what it’s called—an event calendar?

Can you tell me something in German?

Die katze. It means “the cat.”

70 and Sunny: Lyn and Hugo

Sydney Valiente

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