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Nationally recognized cannabis reporter Jackie Bryant hosts a new bi-monthly podcast all about the green. We’re talking marijuana, pot, ganja, grass, and don’t forget edibles. “The Plant Lady” is recorded in San Diego, California in the heart of the cannabis industry. Jackie explores how this subculture turned into a way of life where legalization is continuing to sweep the nation.

Guests include Tim and Taylor Blake, owners and founders of The Emerald Cup, Dr. Bronner’s Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO) David Bronner, ex-NFL star and cannabis brand owner Ricky Williams, former NBA star and brand owner Al Harrington, and former federal cannabis prisoners who were both released early, Luke Scarmazzo and Weldon Angelos to answer questions about the industry and comment on cannabis news occuring at this historic point in time. Conversations with a diversity of industry professionals each month aim to demystify cannabis and encourage discussion on how this plant has made its permanent place in this country, and also locally in San Diego and California.

Produced by San Diego Magazine and found on all platforms including Spotify, Google, and Apple, “The Plant Lady” is hosted and recorded by Jackie Bryant. The longtime cannabis journalist and managing editor at San Diego Magazine has reported about cannabis for The New York Times, Forbes, High Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Voice of San Diego, San Diego Union-Tribune, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Healthline, California Leaf, Leafly, Weedmaps, Different Leaf, and CannabisNow, among other publications.

She is also a frequent guest on other podcasts, has testified in federal court as a recognized expert on the cannabis plant and industry, and has provided commentary for a variety of other publications and research efforts, including PBS’ NOVA. She writes her own cannabis newsletter, Cannabitch, and has previously hosted and produced a podcast by the same name.

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