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Is This the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in San Diego?

The city's gooiest, sweetest, chocolatey-est treat might come from a grocery store
San Diego chocolate chip cookies from local bakery Uncle Biff's California Killer Cookies in Hillcrest
Courtesy of Uber Eats

The right chocolate chip cookie can change the trajectory of a day. Feeling shrunken? Pessimistic? Morose? Try a chocolate chip cookie. Nothing flips the switch from morning ennui to afternoon ecstasy like a CCC. Butter, flour, sugar, chocolate chips—this is Cialis for the soul.

Chocolate chip cookies date back to the Old Testament. It was around 2 p.m. one day in the Garden of Eden, and Eve was like, “I could use a little treat right now. Not fruit.” And Adam was like, “No, yeah, no, for sure.” And so God said, “LET THERE BE COOKIES. SWEET BUT NOT TOO SWEET,” then baked up the first batch of choco chippies the world had ever seen. Truly, they are a creation from on high. A gift from the divine.

You know when you taste it—there is sorcery to a proper CCC. A feeling that moves in your marrow like a song from your ancestors, whispering more.

Chocolate chip cookie from Lazy Acres grocery store in San Diego
Photo Credit: Mateo Hoke

So, I’ve been on the hunt for the most extraordinary, transcendent, life-affirming CCC snuggled in San Diego’s pastry cases, and I believe I’ve found it—in a grocery store of all places, for the bargain price of $3.75. This is THE COOKIE at Lazy Acres.

Belgian chocolate, walnuts, sea salt. Perfection. The texture: creamy, crunchy, chewy. Everything you want in a little sweet treat. Grab napkins; it’s a gooey chocolate mess. Part of the allure here is that THE COOKIE is served warm. I never even make it to my car before I start eating. You can find me standing just inside the entrance of the store with a happy gleam in my eye, smiling like a baby, face and fingers covered in chocolate. There is really no dignified way to eat this cookie. It breaks all rules of royal etiquette. And it’s worth it.

Now, purists may argue that nuts don’t belong in a CCC, but they are wrong. When done well, nuts in CCCs are like truffles on pasta: a luscious addition.

So, next time you find yourself hungry for a little treat in Mission Hills or Encinitas, find your way to the Lazy Acres bakery. But fair warning: If I see a THE COOKIE sleeve on the front seat of your car, I’m breaking the window to get it. I want that cookie. It’s the best in town (so far).

Golden Oatie chocolate chip cookie from San Diego bakery Uncle Biffs California Killer Cookies in Hillcrest
Courtesy of Uncle Biff’s Killer Cookies

Honorable Mentions

Uncle Biff’s California Killer Cookies

These are the kind of cookies you plan your day around. The Hillcrest Shop’s classic CCC is as close to grandma’s as you can get, but the Golden Oatie chocolate chip is next level. A-plus texture.

Chocolate chip cookies from San Diego Bakery The Kitchen Sink
Courtesy of The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

Looking for a sweet little gluten-free treat? The choco chip from The Kitchen Sink is delivery-only and not cheap ($5), but you’re worth it. Crispy and viscous, these are some of the best cookies in town (regardless of your tolerance for wheat).

By Mateo Hoke

Mateo Hoke is San Diego Magazine’s executive editor. His books include Six by Ten: Stories from Solitary, and Palestine Speaks: Narratives of Life Under Occupation.

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