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And the Hot New Cooking Ingredient Is… Cannabis!

Want to add more green to your diet? Here are 4 easy ways to do it, plus a recipe

Cannabis is the latest culinary ingredient that’s having its day in the sun. Nearly a dozen states have legalized it for recreational use, chefs around the country are experimenting with it in their mise en place, and even fancy cooking magazines have recipes featuring the herb. Want to add more green to your diet? Here are four ways to do it.

1. Pack a power lunch

Give your work lunch a cannabis makeover by adding CBD oil to your salad dressing. Mix your greens and protein with a dressing made from a dropper of Lemongrass Ginger Releaf from Papa & Barkley, olive oil, and rice vinegar for a healthy and calming lunch break. Just make sure to check your employer’s policy before chowing down: Even though recreational cannabis is legal and hemp-derived CBD can’t get you high*, both can still show up on drug tests.

2. Get your coffee fix

A dropper of CBD in your favorite brew gets you your caffeine fix with less jitters. CBD oil won’t fully infuse into the coffee, though, so pick a complementary flavor, like Café Mocha from +PlusCBD Oil. If you start your morning with a frustrating stop-and-go commute, this combo will be your new rush hour must-have.

3. Host a cocktail hour

Impressing your friends at a home happy hour is easy when you mix up cannabis cocktails. For an extra buzz, try a cannabis-infused mixer from a company like Cann Social Tonics. Their lemon lavender (pair it with gin), blood orange cardamom (bourbon), and grapefruit rosemary (vodka) flavors are all low dose, each containing 2 mg THC and 4 mg CBD for a subtle high without feeling out of control.

4. Get baked from baking

Bake some weed cookies to nosh on while binge watching your favorite shows. March & Ash recommends a hybrid strain for baking, like Heady by Leef Organics, but for your first cannabaking project, you’ll have an easier time controlling the dosage if you start with premade cannabis butter. Not all dispensaries carry it, so be sure to call ahead. Whether homemade or premade, using cannabutter is as simple as swapping it in for regular butter in your favorite recipe. Prefer brownies? Dark chocolate is great at hiding the taste of cannabis, so if you’re new to edibles, brownies are a great way to start.

Cooking with Cannabis

By Michelle Stansbury

Michelle Stansbury is a San Diego-based freelance writer who writes about travel, food, and parenting. Misuse of the word "literally" drives her figuratively insane. @discoverwithmichelle

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