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INCOMING: Besta-Wan Big House

After 50 years, iconic Cardiff-by-the-Sea hangout expands north
Troy Johnson

By Troy Johnson

It’s on a side street behind VG’s Donuts. The interior decor can best be described as “I got a little high and decided to start hoarding knickknacks and I love my dog.” And The Besta-Wan Pizza House has been one of the city’s most iconic hangouts since opening in 1965. It’s where locals refuel after sunset surf sessions. It’s got craft beer and a painting with dogs dressed up as Michael Jackson and Mr. T. It’s just pretty great. Now they’re opening a second, bigger location in Vista. The new joint, called The Besta-Wan Big House, will be going into the mall at 1814 Marron Rd. (formerly Finnegan’s Pub). With Flying Pig and Urge Gastropub also expanding into Vista, the quite-awful food scene up there is looking better by the day.

“I don’t always eat chicken, but when I do..” The Most Interesting Velvet Painting Man in the World, from Besta-Wan Pizza House.

Troy Johnson

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