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INCOMING: Moonshine Flats

Ty Hauter to replace Block No. 16 concept with Hogs N Heifers-esque super-bar

By Troy Johnson

We reported last year that Good Time Design (the name of Ty Hauter’s group, which seems to own most of Downtown at this point) would finally build out the event space Culy Warehouse, putting in a Hogs N Heifers-like concept called Moonshine Flats. Now that’s changed. GTD is keeping Culy an events space and putting Moonshine Flats into the group’s other space around the corner on 7th Street, replacing recently shuttered Block No. 16. With dance platforms everywhere, four bars (including an 80-footer that’s reportedly one of the longest in California), a second floor full of interactive games, a huge stage for bands, and an even bigger LED screen… Hauter’s group promises Moonshine to be an “in-your-face country rock and dance” establishment set to open in 2014. Flats will serve food, which you can presumably eat on the pick-up truck tailgates that will serve as seating. My star-spangled bikini just leapt from my closet writing that sentence.

Block No. 16 out, Moonshine Flats In

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