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INCOMING: Queenstown Public North Park

Little Italy success story set to take over Eddie's

Queenstown Public has been a real strong part of Little Italy’s rejuvenation. Designed by the talented Michael Soriano of Onairos Design and owned by the guys who created Bareback Grill, they took a historical residential home and turned it into a neighborhood bistro. The vibe strikes a proper balance between crocheting-grandmother chic and modern decor. They also made a killer lamb burger.

Now they’re going to double-down with a similar house-restaurant concept in North Park. Eddie’s Philadelphia Steaks & Hoagieson 30th Street at the corners of Myrtle and Capps, catty-corner from Lefty’s Pizzeria—called it a day in late August. Now the single-story house is registered to BBG SD5 LLC, which is Matt Baker and PJ Lamont—the owners of Queenstown.

So Queenstown North Park is a go. It might have a different name when said and done, but sounds like the spirit will be the same.

Queenstown Public, Little Italy.

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