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INCOMING: Snooze Del Mar

After hitting big in Hillcrest, Colorado-based concept expands to Del Mar Highlands

By Troy Johnson

Hillcrest’s biggest arrival this year was, by far, Snooze. The Colorado-based breakfast concept brought pineapple upside down hotcakes with vanilla creme anglaise and all sorts of benedicts (ones w/ prosciutto, ones with farmy mounds of produce, etc.). Not to mention those sky-high front windows, which harvest the rising sun into an otherwise shady part of center city. The line for the joint rivaled the area’s longitme breakfast czar, Hash House A-Go-Go.

And now they’re doubling down. Snooze just signed up for Del Mar Highlands, taking over the IHOP that was caddy corner to Burlap. Reps say they’re aiming for a late-summer open, and Xan Creative will handle the design, including opening the front of the space “garage door” style, plus a large patio at the 4,308 square-foot space.

Burlap also serves brunch, which makes a whole lotta designer eggs in that corner of the redesigned super-mall. Maybe that spot of the parking lot becomes Del Mar inland’s “brunch corner.” Though I’d imagine the safer bet would be for chef Anthony Sinsay and Burlap to laser focus on dinner service and cougar whistle-wetting.

Local side note: The Highlands location brings them a bit closer to Mike Totah, owner of top SD pottery outfit The Wheel. Snooze’s owner Jon Schiegel met Totah in the late-’90s when he was throwing plates for Cafe Japango. Totah’s made all of Snooze’s cerarmics since they first opened in Denver in 2006.

INCOMING: Snooze Del Mar

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