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Juice for Kids!

Allison Fowler, co-founder of Sneakz Organic Milkshakes (and daughter of Padres co-owner Ron Fowler) “deliciously disguises” a serving of vegetables

By Annie Heilbrunn

Where’d you come up with Sneakz Organic?

My co-founder, Charles Philp, and I were bothered by the rise in childhood obesity. After experimenting in my kitchen, we realized that a kid-friendly version—made with chocolate milk—could help take veggies from yuck to yum. Our friends with kids loved the idea. We ran with it, and, a year later, launched Sneakz. Jimbo’s… Naturally was our first customer. We’re also at Sprouts, Babies R Us, select Costcos, and

What’s in the drink?

Organic ingredients like milk, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and beets. All the nutrition comes from whole foods. There’s no fortification from synthetic vitamins.

And what about the sugar?

There are 19 grams of sugar, mostly from natural sugars in the milk and vegetables. Other organic chocolate milks have 23 grams of sugar—and they don’t have veggies.

Favorite juice place in SD?

Beaming uses awesome superfoods.

Juice for Kids!

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