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Paradise Found

Amy DiBiase found her paradise as the chef of Paradise Point's newly redesigned restaurant, Tidal.

By Troy Johnson

“Excavated” may not be a polite term when it comes to people, but it feels appropriate in the case of Amy DiBiase. After making her name at the Point Loma bistro Roseville, the promising young chef took three turns that buried her talents—most recently at La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club (too many good chefs there). Now Paradise Point has made her the focus of its beautifully redesigned restaurant, Tidal—and it’s paying off in spades. It’s her bruléed chicken liver mousse. Those Venus clams with salsify purée (a West Coast riff on chowder). The ricotta gnudi with the best braised lamb. It’s the Snake Oil Cocktails and that view of Mission Bay. It’s all of it. She’s alive. And very, very well. 1404 West Vacation Road,

Paradise Found

Photo: Sam Wells

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