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Sweet Spot: Mister A’s Red Velvet Baked Alaska

A new pastry chef reinvents a Mister A's dessert staple
Photo by Bhadri Kubendran

By Archana Ram

When pastry chef John Brockway joined the Mister A’s team last fall, he brought with him a pinch of pizzazz picked up during stints at the glitzy Nobu in both Las Vegas and San Diego.

Now he’s reinventing the dessert menu at San Diego’s classic fine dining restaurant. From the outside, his Red Velvet Baked Alaska has all the makings of the old-school sweet.

To start, he double-boils GoneStraw Farms eggs from Riverside with granulated sugar heated to 150–160 degrees. Once they cool, it’s time to whisk again—”Do not try to whisk by hand, because your arm will fall off!”—to form the peaks needed for the iconic Swiss meringue.

But inside is housemade red velvet and cream cheese ice creams paired with dark chocolate cake. As he explains, “I wanted to put an unexpected, modern twist on a dessert staple that the old Mister A’s was known for preparing tableside.”

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Sweet Spot: Mister A’s Red Velvet Baked Alaska

Photo by Bhadri Kubendran

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