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The Best Food and Drink Events February 2014

Taco Fights at Blind Burro | Savor San Diego at Various Whole Foods | We Fought the Foie And the Foie Won at Mision 19

By Troy Johnson

“We Fought the Foie And the Foie Won”

WHEN: March 6, 7PM

WHERE: Mision 19, Mision de San Javier, 10643, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, +52 664 634 2493

COST: $130


Foie gras was banned in California last year—a decision we thought specious at best. At the time, we predicted a mini renaissance of foie gras dinners in Tijuana, similar to how Americans desire to get shnockered played itself out in Mexico during Prohibition. We’ve seen a few dinners, but this one takes the cake. San Diego’s top chef Jason Knibb (Nine-Ten) is making the trek to Tijuana’s Mision 19 to cook nothing but fatty duck liver with the king of Baja cuisine, Javier Plascencia. Chefs Walter Manzke (Republique, Petty Cash Taqueria) and Ryan Steyn (Latitud 32) will also join for the four-course dinner that includes dessert and two glasses of wine. TJ’s culinary scene is very, very alive right now. You should go and be California-bad.

Taco Fights

WHEN: Every Tuesday in Feb., 6PM

WHERE: Blind Burro, 639 J St., Downtown, 619.795.7880.

COST: The cost of tacos.


Who doesn’t appreciate a good taco fight? Its competitive import is rivaled only by Sochi. In the spirit of chefly camaraderie, Blind Burro has invited some of the city’s deftest taco minds to compete in “Taco Fights.” Every Tuesday two chefs go head-to-head. Diners order both tacos, cast a vote, a winner is named. The first week, Chad White (Plancha Baja Med) took down Hanis Cavin (Carnitas Snack Shack). On Feb. 11, it’s Isabel Cruz (Barrio Star) vs. Rich Sweeney (R Gang Eatery), then international star Miguel Angel Guerrero (of Tijuana’s La Querencia) vs. Sara Polczynski/Todd Nash (Blind Burro). All winners will go head-to-head in a final on Feb. 25. It’s a very elaborate way to get you to eat tacos, and create champions. Champion creation is noble, as is taco-eating.

Savor San Diego

WHEN: Feb & March

WHERE: Various Whole Foods

COST: Free


The KPBS television series Savor San Diego features local icon and fantastic Thai chef Su-Mei Yu, cavorting and storytelling with inspiring local farmers, ranchers, food-makers, etc. In Feb. and March, she’s taking her episodes on the road to various Whole Foods, with cooking demos featuring the characters from Savor. Every week is different, from soba noodles with Archi’s Acres (a farm teaching vets sustainable agriculture) on Feb. 11 to Baja wine and steamed Baja-style fish on Feb. 26. On March 1, she and killer craft beer yeast company White Labs will host a craft beer episode screening from 2-5PM. See all the info on the show’s Facebook page (link below).

The Best Food and Drink Events February 2014

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