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Very Important Taco: Nopal Taco at The Taco Stand

By Archana Ram

Go to most any San Diego taqueria, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a vegetarian taco that can stand up to—and surpass—its carnivorous compatriots. Not so at The Taco Stand, which recently opened a second location downtown. In addition to the fish, steak, spicy shrimp, and al pastor varieties, the family-owned operation also makes a can’t-miss nopal taco, which combines flame-grilled cactus with cheese, cilantro sauce, tomatoes, and avocado.

Never knew you could eat cacti? The leaves are said to help control blood sugar, decrease harmful free radicals, and increase antioxidant activity. As if we needed another reason to love Mexican food.

645 B Street, Downtown (Also 621 Pearl Street, La Jolla, and coming soon to Encinitas)

Very Important Taco: Nopal Taco at The Taco Stand

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