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Very Important Taco: Spicy Octopus at Kiko’s Place

Chunks of pulpo and fresh garlic make this taco our new favorite

By Archana Ram

Though most famous for their “OG fish taco”—a hefty mix of fried fish, cabbage, pico de gallo, and cream sauce for just $1.75— the Kiko’s Place food truck has more adventurous options, too. In operation since 1983, they’re also loved for their bell-pepper-stuffed marlin, black clams, and our new favorite, the spicy octopus taco.

Delicate chunks of pulpo are tossed with fresh garlic and piled into a corn tortilla (25 cents extra for flour) with cabbage, pico, cream, and a generous handful of shredded cheese. Kiko’s has three salsas at their condiment station, as well as spicy red onions, lime wedges, and peppers. Plus, the truck is parked in a liquor store parking lot for the full dine and drink experience.

4404 Texas Street, University Heights

Very Important Taco: Spicy Octopus at Kiko’s Place

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