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Our July Cover

5 things you didn't know

By Gloria Tebelman

Our July Cover

San Diego Magazine July 2013 cover

July 2013 cover

Who are those people?

The cool guy with the surfboard is Troy, the old roommate of our Office Assistant, Jessica Delee. And the cool girl is Nery, a friend of a friend of a freelancer for the magazine, Natalie Fitzgerald. Nery was nervous about pointing her toes out over the edge. I understand. It took me about 5 minutes longer than everyone else to get to the shooting location because I didn’t want to jump across a ditch and then scurry up the side of an unstable cliff.

How many print outs did it take?

Yes, it took 51 print outs to get to our cover design. I saved them all. (I do my best to be green, but we’re a print magazine, after all).

Where is this?

Black’s Beach in La Jolla. More specifically, a treacherous overlook only accessed by an unmarked path off of La Jolla Farms Rd. It’s no secret, though. We saw tons of surfers making the descent (barefoot nonetheless!). And, when we got to the shooting spot, a couple of guys were enjoying In n Out burger in the exact spot you see our cover models.

Our July Cover

View from Black’s Beach

My shot of the view. My job isn’t bad when I’m basking in the sun on a Friday afternoon

When is this?

We shot this amazing image on Friday, March 1st. The temp hit a high of 82 degrees that day. We were actually shooting for our Get Outside story at the time. When our editor saw the image on Monday, she said “That’s our summer cover!”.

Who shot this?

Rob Hammer! He hails from Colorado but now calls Pacific Beach his home. Check out his blog and website for cool athletic portraits, barbershop photos from across the country and other projects. He photographed Kobe Bryant just a few days before getting this shot for us!

Our July Cover

Rob and Troy

Rob and Troy

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