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Brad Keiller of Nomad Donuts Shares His Experiences Being a Black Business Owner in America

Tune in to Episode 186 of the Happy Half Hour Podcast

Happy Half Hour has returned! After a nearly three-month hiatus, we’re excited to have the show back up and running.

A note on today’s episode: Happy Half Hour is a podcast about San Diego’s restaurant industry. We know that listeners download it to hear Troy’s recommendations, and to find out what local chefs and restaurant owners are working on. For many people, the show is a form of escapism and entertainment. But today’s episode is different. We felt it would be irresponsible to not discuss current events, and the social issues around race and the need for inclusivity in this country. So we’re having this important discussion.

We invited Brad Keiller, the co-owner and founder of Nomad Donuts, to be our guest on this episode to share his experiences and perspective on what is happening in the US. Brad’s family is from South Africa, and his parents left the country in 1969 during apartheid and moved to Canada, where they raised him. Brad has been in the US for 20 years now.

Brad opened Nomad Donuts in North Park in 2014. Aside from being known in the neighborhood for creating high-quality donuts and Montreal-style bagels, he’s also known for his advocacy and work in the community. Last fall, he publicly defended a homeless man, whose name is Ray, when a customer complained on Yelp about Ray hanging out by the donut shop. Brad’s compassionate response went viral. Brad also recently wrote an article for Inc. Magazine about the nationwide protests and the killing of George Floyd.

We end the show with a new spin on an old segment: Two People, Fifty Bucks is now about our favorite places to get takeout for two people. Troy’s pick is Cori Pastificio, and mine is Tribute Pizza. Brad says he likes the takeout at URBN Coal Fired Pizza and Bar.

Thank you so much for listening and for staying with us. We want to hear from you. Is there a guest you want us to book on the show? Need a recommendation for takeout? Do you have a question for Troy? Let us know. You can call us at 619-744-0535 and leave a voicemail, or if you’re too shy, you can email us at [email protected].

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