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Tips to Secretly Keep Your Children Healthy

Beets in pasta sauce and other tricks from Hidden Foods founder and San Diego local Kendra Matthews to grow your little ones’ palates

By Not a Parenting Podcast

Would you put beets in your pasta sauce? Kendra Matthews did, and her kids loved it so much she bottled it up in jars and started selling it to grocery stores around the county. Kendra incorporates vegetables into all of her kids’ meals, from blending nutritious veggies into smoothies, to stealthily adding them to favorite dishes, her sneaky tips will ensure your little ones get the nutrients they need while enjoying delicious meals.Embrace the magic of Hidden Foods and watch your kids devour their greens with delight. We speak with her on this episode of NAPP about how to grow your little ones’ palates, the Italian secret behind her insanely delicious pasta sauce, and how a family meal tradition turned into a thriving business.Sponsored Content

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