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5 Best No Credit Check Loans and Payday Loans Online From Top Loan Companies In 2022

If you’re having trouble dealing with a bad credit score, then our no credit check loans platforms may offer an appropriate solution to your problems.
No Credit Loans

No Credit Loans

Is that financial emergency creeping up again, and you are in dire need of a quick loan?

If you are wondering which lender to visit next, we might have a different option for you. We suggest staying home, assessing your finances, and receiving all the funds you need without leaving your living room. How is that possible, you ask?

We will leave that to you to discover, and you can only do that by reading our article and learning all you need to know about no credit check loans. So without further delay, let’s dive right into it! 

Top Money Lending Platforms for No Credit Check Loans:

  1. MoneyMutual – Best no credit check loans platform overall, editor’s pick 

  2. Bad Credit Loans – Alternative payday lenders to borrow money for bad credit 

  3. RadCred – Reliable loan marketplace for fast online loans no credit check

  4. CashUSA – Get quick loans & cash loans with competitive interest rates

  5. Personal Loans – Trusted loan portal for best personal loans no credit check


#1. MoneyMutual – Best no credit check loans platform overall, editor’s pick 

MoneyMutual is a money lending intermediary platform based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since its founding in 2010, it has had tremendous success connecting its clients to lenders across the United States.

The platform was established for the simple reason that 4 out of 10 Americans were not able to come up with $400 in cases of emergency. Being aware of that situation points the way for individuals to financial solutions to their sudden and unexpected problems.

By being such a reliable platform, MoneyMutual has gained many loyal customers over the years, and today that number spans in the millions. 

So many positive reviews and features have also convinced us to place MoneyMutual at the top of our list, and below we will look at some of its most notable features. 


A well-designed and intuitive website

MoneyMutual starts you on your lending journey by firstly providing fast and easy access to their online application. It does that by implementing a simple but intuitive web design that is sleek, modern, and also conveys effectiveness. 

Right from the start, when you access the platform’s website, you will be greeted with a big red button that says “Get Started.” Simply choose your preferred amount, and you’re good to go.

MoneyMutual does not want to waste its client’s time with endless scrolling and simply wants them to find a solution to their financial problems as fast as possible. They do so extremely well with their user-friendly website.

A free-of-charge platform

Using MoneyMutual’s services is completely free. The platform will not charge you anything for its service from the application process to when you are connected with a lender. This makes you wonder, how is MoneyMutual making any profit then?

The platform makes a profit by imposing a percentage fee to the lenders it collaborates with in exchange for its service in finding and connecting them with potential clients. MoneyMutual is not a direct lender and only offers intermediary services, connecting borrowers to potential lenders across the U.S.

Very trustworthy and reliable platform

With over 2.000.000 satisfied and loyal clients, MoneyMutual is one of the most trusted and reliable money lending platforms in the financial marketplace. The platform connects its clients to lenders and communicates with them in the process has made users extremely satisfied with its services. 

The platform is also a member of the Online Lenders Alliance(OLA) because of its many years of experience in money lending. That adds extra assurance to clients that the platform is reputable. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual


  • Gives access to lenders that provide up to $5000

  • A fast and easy application process

  • Quick approvals and funds transfer

  • Large lender network with over 130 lenders

  • Secured with 2048-bit encryption

  • Member of the Online Lender Alliance(OLA)

  • Trusted by more than 2.000.000 customers

  • Informative resources section with numerous financial topics


  • Only available for citizens of the United States

  • Not a direct lender

#2. Bad Credit Loans – Alternative payday lenders to borrow money for bad credit 

Bad Credit Loans is a money lending service that provides financial aid and advice and is mostly dedicated to clients with bad credit scores. It has been present in the financial market for more than 20 years, and in that period, it has gained both a trusted client and lender network that constantly expands. 

If you’re battling bad credit scores and wish to obtain a loan without a credit check, then Bad Credit Loans might be the best option for you, and you should find the solution to your financial problems. 


A specialized platform for bad credit score clients

Bad Credit Loans, as the name suggests, is a money lending service specializing in bad credit score loans. In other words, it helps people with very low credit scores to obtain a reasonable loan both in terms of the amount and the interest rates. 

Obtaining a bad credit score loan with no credit check can be challenging, especially since lenders have strict criteria about who to grant a loan. Bad Credit Loans collaborates with respectable and financially capable lenders that can calculate the risks and approve a loan to even the lowest creditworthy clients.

Fast approvals and appealing loan amounts

Considering that Bad Credit Loans is a platform that offers loans to people with bad credit scores, it’s also notable that the approval period is quite short. This means lenders don’t take a lot of time to review and assess your ability to repay a loan but rather analyze other factors that play a decisive role in the process. 

In addition, this platform’s lenders also provide quite appealing loan amounts, considering the risk they undertake by approving loans to bad credit score clients, with sums that reach up to $10.000.

A dedicated scam alert section

While researching and looking for lending platforms, we came across many of them who were suspicious right from the start. We mean that they advertised their financial services in a way that was unreliable and fraud-like. 

Bad Credit Loans is also aware of this, which is why they included a scam alert section on their website. In that section, you can learn all about the various financial scams that unreliable lenders impose on their clients and what you can do to recognize and avoid a scam when you see one.

This is an excellent feature that this platform emphasizes, which is why we also thought it worth mentioning in this review. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoan


  • Request anywhere between $500 and $10.000

  • Hassle-free application process

  • 100% free of charge service

  • Extended lender network that also includes third-party non-lenders 

  • Private and secure service that operates 24/7

  • Provides access to lenders with competitive APRs

  • Dedicated scam alert section

  • Several loan types to choose from

  • A platform specialized in bad credit score loans


  • The platform is only dedicated to residents of the U.S. 

  • It may require unnecessary information for the initial application

#3. RadCred – Reliable loan marketplace for fast online loans no credit check

A middleman between clients and lenders, RadCred is one of the most reputable money lending services in today’s financial market. It gained so much reputation by offering simplicity and effectiveness to clients who needed emergency loans without having their scores checked.

The platform today serves over 30 million users and has thousands of loyal and recurring customers all over the United States. The platform offers its clients access to lenders that grant up to $5000 in loans with high chances of approval. 

On top of that, it assures its clients that their privacy will be kept safe and that their personal information will not be misused negatively by the platform. Clients in need of assistance will also be served since the platform has a dedicated customer support team of professionals available 24/7. 


Very cordial and responsive customer service team

RadCred has proven to be a very client-friendly platform. Its dedicated customer service team is available 24/7, providing users with financial assistance.

We confirmed this by researching many customer reviews about RadCred user support online. The platform received overall positive praise from clients, especially its support team, which is always ready to resolve any issue. 

It is also one of the reasons that RadCred has so many loyal customers. Their approach toward their clients instills nothing but confidence and trust.

Only requires essential information

You only need to meet their basic requirements to apply for a loan with RadCred. That makes the application process quick and straightforward, with no wasted time. Some of the basic information that the platform may require from its clients is:

  • Regular income

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • A steady employment

  • An active bank account

  • Valid personal email and phone number

You should note that these are some of the most basic eligibility requirements for a loan application with RadCred. Once you apply and get approved for a loan, the lender might ask for additional information that might be more detailed. 

Secured and encrypted platform

RadCred implements the use of high-security protocols. It empowers its entire service with industry-grade 2048-bit encryption. Reputable financial institutions and banks use the same type of security encryption software. 

This all means that every piece of private information collected by RadCred is guarded against unauthorized access by any third parties. This includes viruses and malware that hackers plant to gather important financial information. 

In addition, any personal information the platform receives from its clients is only used for advertising purposes with their previous consent. This is explained in their customer terms and conditions, to which the client usually agrees upon applying for a loan. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred


  • Instant finances that range up to $5000

  • 2048-bit secure platform

  • Member of OLA(Online Lenders Alliance)

  • Quick and easy application form

  • Fast money transfers after approval

  • Millions of loyal customers worldwide

  • No fees for applying for a loan


  • No educational section is available on the website

  • Only available to U.S citizens

#4. CashUSA – Get quick loans & cash loans with competitive interest rates

CashUSA is one of the best platforms through which you can conveniently and securely apply for a quick loan. The service had offered online financial assistance since 1997, a period when the internet and devices were still unknown to most of the population.

With 25 years of experience, CashUSA has built a reliable lender network of over a hundred reputable lending companies that offer all kinds of loans to their clients. Through a convenient and easy-to-fill online application, CashUSA will have you well on your way to receiving quick funds before you even know it. 


Education center section

CashUSA probably has the best educational section out of all platforms on our list. The section is divided into four segments – Credit, Finances, Debt, and Banking. Each segment contains dedicated blog posts on that topic, with a lot of useful information to help beginners. 

Offering valuable and informative sections to its clients right from the start shows that CashUSA’s goal is to help people make informed decisions when borrowing money. Just as Bad Credit Loans has a dedicated scam alert section, CashUSA goes a lot wider, including all types of topics connected with money lending.

Competitive annual percentage rates

Every platform works with lenders that borrow money for a certain amount of interest. The problem is that many lenders impose enormous interest rates on their clients, making them undesirable to cooperate with.

On the other hand, CashUSA only works with lenders that provide competitive interest rates ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. We found out that other platform lenders offered interest rates that went up to 59.99%, so you can see that the difference is enormous.

By improving your credit score, you can get approved for loans with very low-interest rates, so it’s also worth being patient and paying off old debt first.

Versatile reimbursement periods

CashUSA will provide flexible repayment terms, ranging from 3 to 72 months when the loan repayment is concerned. This kind of flexibility contributes to the financial capability of the lenders. Namely, financially strong lenders can provide longer-term loans and larger sums of money.

This platform is ideal for clients with lower income since they can lower the monthly installment amount by prolonging the period to repay the loan. 

A thing to note here is that prolonging the repayment period will impose higher interest rates, and even though it may seem you are paying less every month, you will end up paying a lot more interest fees in the long run. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • A platform that helps you secure a loan of up to $10.000

  • A simple and easy application process

  • Highly informative education center

  • Safe & Secure with industry-grade encryption

  • Competitive APRs and loan repayment periods 

  • Electronically deposited funds upon approval

  • Basic eligibility requirements by the platform

  • Bad credit score clients also have high chances of approval

  • Extended network of financially strong lenders


  • The minimum amount of income is $1000 per month

  • Not available for people outside of the U.S. 

#5. Personal Loans – Trusted loan portal for best personal loans no credit check

If you are looking for high loan amounts and have a bad credit score that you prefer not to be checked, then Personal Loans is the platform for you!

With Personal Loans, you can qualify to borrow higher amounts than other money lending platforms. The platform prides itself on the wide range of lenders it cooperates with. These lenders and lending companies have been filtered through Personal Loans’ rigorous system that’s been years in the making. 

Today, the Personal Loans service is one of the most stable and reliable ways to get quick access to funds without checking your credit score. 


A specialized platform that offers the highest lending amounts

As the name suggests, Personal Loans is a financial platform that provides personal loan solutions to clients with all kinds of credit score histories. 

Personal loans are most commonly unsecured loans that require no cosigner or collateral asset to be added to the deal to obtain them. They are also characterized by their fixed interest rates and installment amounts, unlike credit cards, where interest rates vary depending on the bank or financial institution.

These types of loans also allow for larger amounts of money to be borrowed, in this case, up to $35.000. Such high amounts are often granted to clients with good or exceptional credit score history.

Fast money transfers

If you are wondering how long it would take to transfer such large amounts of money after approval, the answer is almost immediately. That’s right, Personal Loans’ network of lenders is financially powerful, and they can transfer the entire loan amount within minutes after approval.

Such fast money transfers are possible because of the modern technology implemented in today’s financial world. Money is transferred between accounts in a matter of minutes, and the loan agreement is signed electronically, even through your smartphone.

Extensive lender network

With over twenty years of working experience, Personal Loans has a lot of positive and negative experiences regarding the lenders it collaborates with. It has developed an effective filtering system that only high-end and respectable lending companies can pass.

Today the platform features a vast lending network of reliable lenders that clients positively praise. They require the fulfillment of simple eligibility criteria so that any person with a low income and bad credit score can apply and receive a loan.

Personal Loans’ service also allows you to compare several lenders’ offers before signing off on the best one that fits your terms. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans


  • Connects you with lenders that grant up to $35.000

  • A dedicated platform for providing personal loans

  • Personal Loans’ service is free to use

  • Quick funds directly to your bank account right after approval

  • Adequate interest rates

  • Extended network of trustworthy lenders

  • Also provides access to third-party lenders outside of its lender network

  • Security is something very important for Personal Loans

  • A 24/7 available service and lenders

  • Fill the application in a few easy steps


  • Requires information that is unnecessary for the loan application

  • People with bad credit scores might only be eligible to receive minimal amounts

How Did We Make This List For Small Payday Loans Online No Credit Check?

Since the platforms we considered had to offer fast, no credit check loans, there were a few things that we needed to pay careful attention to. With so many fraudulent services operating online, we’ve also had to ensure that the ones we picked were the real deal. 

All those things considered, there were more than a few things to look out for, which we have divided into two sections. In this one, we will share with you the things that we paid special attention to, while in a later section, we will give you advice on what to be aware of before applying for a loan of this sort.

  • The eligibility requirements

The criteria for any client to be eligible for a loan without a credit score check is quite strict. That’s because people with bad credit scores often apply for a loan with no credit check.

Because of such general strict criteria, we have decided to include lending platforms that only demand basic requirements to be fulfilled for their clients to apply for a loan. 

Some of the most basic requirements for these platforms are being at the legal age of 18, being regularly employed, and having a constant monthly income. 

  • How well-established is the platform?

To provide you with a satisfactory experience, we aimed to select one of the most reputable lending platforms in the financial market today. We did that by checking several factors.

First and foremost, we reviewed many customer reviews and experiences online, checking to see people’s opinions of these services. Some clients’ opinions are posted on the platform’s websites, but we also checked other online websites and confirmed that these platforms have many positive reviews and praise. 

Secondly, we ensured that the platform collaborates with reputable lenders that offer reliable financial services to their clients. Lastly, we checked clients’ opinions about the platforms’ customer service teams. People were satisfied with how the platform’s response teams resolved their problems and financial issues. 

  • The loan amount and the repayment terms

The amount of money a client can borrow without a credit score check was also an important trait that these platforms had to possess.

Since lenders offer these short-term loans in smaller amounts, we had to pick the platforms that would provide the fairest lending amounts possible. With loans reaching sums of up to $35.000, we believe that almost anyone will be satisfied with our choice of lending platforms.

We’ve also compared the interest rates offered by each platform’s network of lenders so that you would not have to repay your debts with too high-interest rates. 

On the other hand, we ensured that along with the higher loan amounts, you would also be able to get the chance to repay them for longer periods. Almost all platforms offer from 3 to 72 months of reimbursement periods, giving you a lot of freedom to decide how long you want to repay the loan. 

What to Pay Attention to Before Applying for a No Credit Check Loans?

  • Determine precisely how much money you will need

It is normal and necessary to determine the amount of money before applying for a loan. A good practice would be only to borrow the amount of money to resolve the issue. Avoid borrowing excess amounts because you will only end up paying more money in fees and interests.

We’ve provided you with a list of suitable money lending platforms that offer very versatile loan amounts, so you should have no problem finding the one that suits you best. 

If you require only a small amount of less than $200, then it might be better to ask some of your friends or family to lend it to you and help you if they can. That way, you will avoid paying for high-interest rates, even if the amount is insignificant.

  • Double-check how high the interest rates are

A lender offers loans for something in return. That something is the interest rates.

Interest rates on short-term loans such as these may vary anywhere from 5.99% to 35.99%, depending on several factors, including your credit score. But with the networks of lenders our selected platforms collaborate with, your credit score might go unchecked, which is a good thing.

You should pay attention to the height of the interest rates before signing a loan agreement. Even if the loan amount is excellent and the repayment period is long, if the interest rates are too high, you will pay way too much in the long run.

Ultimately, it all depends on your preferences, but our advice is to avoid interest rates above 35.99%. An ideal interest rate range would be between the percentages we stated above.

  • Try to improve your credit score

While reading this, you might be wondering, why would I want to improve my credit score if these are no credit check loans?

Well, improving your credit score is better in the long term. That is because clients with good and excellent credit scores are more likely to get approved for higher loan amounts at a lower interest rate. 

A good credit score also shows the lender who you are as a person when it comes to managing your finances. A good credit score says that you are a responsible person who pays the bills and debts on time, while a bad credit score usually means you have financial trouble way too often.

  • Make sure that there are no hidden fees involved

We’ve encountered this problem for many clients, especially those dealing with fraudulent lenders and platforms. 

Because there are so many money lending services, you will have doubts about whether or not they are the real deal or if they are only trying to scam their way into taking your money. And a way that they can take your money before a loan has been approved is if they constantly ask you for pre-approval fees.

When a service or a lender asks for money first, they are most likely trying to trick you into signing a false deal. Since now you know a way to recognize them, our advice is to keep away from such services as much as possible.

On the other hand, you should always pay attention to the terms and conditions when signing a deal with any lender because any hidden agreement fees must be stated there. You can also ask the lender to tell you all about the fees, which they will if they are well-established in the financial market.

  • Make sure to compare several lender offers

It is very important to compare several offers before signing the first loan agreement that comes your way.

The beauty of these money lending platforms is that they allow you to check several offers conveniently. You don’t have to go back and forth to each lender and physically be present at their office. You can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home and apply for a loan. 

Since it is so convenient, try to choose the lender that offers the best terms according to your priorities. Other factors, like lender loyalty programs and dedicated mobile phone applications, help you keep track of your monthly installments and overall debt. With so many options, it’s not just a matter of signing a loan agreement with the first lender that offers it.

  • Make inquiries about your personal information

Whenever you apply for anything online or physically, you tend to give out personal information, which can easily be misused in today’s modern world. That’s why you must ensure you use a safe and reliable platform, especially in the case of financial matters. 

The lending platforms we picked for this list implement industry-grade encryption in their services. If you pick any of them, you will not need to worry about misusing your personal information without your consent. 

But if you decide to go with other platforms and have doubts about using your personal information, then make sure to ask the platform’s dedicated customer service for details or read the terms and conditions of the agreement regarding using personal information. 

No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval FAQs

Q1. What does a credit check mean?

A credit check, or a credit score check, is the evaluation of your financial situation by a lender or another third party authorized to perform it.

A credit check is a way for lenders to check your “financial personality” and have a rough preliminary estimate of your repayment habits and financial awareness. This means that by checking your credit score, a lender can determine your creditworthiness should they choose to grant you a loan.

Q2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these types of loans?

Some advantages of these types of no credit check loans are that the application process is fast and simple, and they are approved quickly. The lender also imposes no fees for approving the loan. Repaying the loan ahead of time or paying your monthly installments regularly will help build your credit score significantly, giving you a better chance of obtaining a higher loan in the future. 

On the other hand, a loan with no credit check has several disadvantages. For one, they often come with higher interest rates, and the amounts you can borrow are usually small. The reimbursement period may also vary depending on the lender you choose, but there is a high chance that it will not be that long.

Q3. What happens if I cannot pay the installment on time?

Not paying your loan installments on time will harm your credit score. You have to be careful about this because it takes a long time to increase a credit score, and not making regular repayments will prolong that period even more. 

What you can do instead is to contact your lender and ask them to extend the reimbursement period so that you can have time to recuperate and gather the necessary finances to pay them back. This way, you will avoid paying higher interest fees, and you will also avoid negatively impacting your credit score.

Q4. Can I get approved for higher loan amounts without my credit score checked?

Yes, but this depends on the lender and their loan criteria. Namely, these loans are short-term and usually offered in low amounts, especially to clients with low credit scores. But every rule has an exception, and if the lender makes one, then you might be able to apply for a higher loan amount with no credit check. 

To approve a higher amount, a lender would ask for something in return, like a collateral asset or a co-signer to be added to the agreement. 

A collateral asset means that you will be putting something of a material value, like your vehicle, for example, as a guarantee that you will make regular debt repayments.

On the other hand, a co-signer shares the loan responsibility with you, which means that if you cannot repay the installments, it will be up to the co-signer to make the payments. Adding a co-signer is risky since you can complicate and worsen your relationship with them if something goes wrong and you are not able to repay the loan.

Q5. Do I have to specify the purpose of the loan?

No, you would not have to justify your reasons for applying for a no-credit-check loan. Some platforms or lenders may ask what the purpose of the loan is, but that question is mainly informative and does not have to do anything regarding the loan amount or the reimbursement periods.

These loans are very flexible, meaning they can be used for all kinds of purposes, but clients mainly use them to resolve financial emergencies like paying overdue bills.

Q6. I already have one loan. Can I apply for another one?

Depending on how high your current debt is, you may be eligible to apply for a second loan.

Every lender is different, and since these loans require no credit check, there are other ways that they will make sure you are creditworthy for a second loan.

One way that a lender can make sure that you can repay a second loan is by assessing your income and ensuring that the loan installments don’t exceed two-thirds of your overall income every month. They can also check your repayment history, ensuring that you have made regular payments to your previous loan every month on the due date.

Q7. What if I am unemployed?

Even if you are unemployed, you will still be eligible to obtain a loan without a credit check. All you need is a constant monthly income that may come from property renting, alimony, pension, payments for disabilities, etc. Again this all depends on the lender, but in general, many of them accept the conditions we listed above as eligibility criteria for obtaining a loan. 

Even students can obtain a student loan if they receive some kind of scholarship or student aid during their studies. That means they do not need to be employed to be eligible to receive a loan of this type. 

Conclusion On Direct Payday Lenders To Get Online Loans For Bad Credit 

Now that you’ve learned all the information we provided for you in this article, one more question needs answering: can these money lending platforms be trusted?

The answer is yes; you can trust these platforms and what they stand to provide. That’s because they’ve made the process of getting a loan a lot easier and user-friendly, saving you a lot of time.

Traditional money lending is now a thing of the past, and with all the technological improvements, online loans for bad credit platforms such as these dominate the financial market more and more each day. 

People have been struggling to receive funds by going to every lender individually and making rash decisions, which is why these platforms have been established. They are the pillars of the modern finance lending world and have proven their dedication to clients time and time again.

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