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5 Daily Routines to Expand Your Network on Instagram

If you wish to expand your network on Instagram, then here is the list of 5 Daily Routines to Expand Your Network on Instagram.


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Instagram is no longer limited to socializing and has developed its platform for marketing, business promotions, and establishing work relations. Networking is the key to developing industry contacts and receiving great opportunities. Instagram provides you with a great opportunity to socialize and improve your network. Now you can easily get in touch with any brand or company for collaboration. Instagram has a high userbase and you can get Instagram followers to increase your reach. These followers not only help you in the networking process but also increase engagement on Instagram content. There are some simple things that you can do on Instagram which will help you expand your network.

If you wish to expand your network on Instagram, then here is the list of 5 Daily Routines to Expand Your Network on Instagram.

1. Post Interesting and Original Content

Content is a very important thing when it comes to attracting users to your page. Sharing visual content will help you increase your following on Instagram. So, make sure you post maximum photo content. Make your content visually interesting and engaging. Sharing memes, relatable quotes, or other things that people might share is a great way to catch the audience’s attention.

Also, keeping the content original is equally important. Take time and make a proper content strategy. Follow a content calendar and post regularly. Creative content will help you increase engagement on Instagram posts.

2. Upload Ephemeral Content

Providing ephemeral or transient content has become the need of time. This includes the use of Instagram stories and reels. Sharing behind the scenes videos, product packaging, or any brand-related process creates a sense of curiosity amongst the followers.



It is a great way of establishing trust and engaging them with your content. By sharing ephemeral content people feel involved in the process and the networking becomes stronger.

Though this content will stay only for 24 hours, it has the ability to attract thousands of followers and increase account traffic. So, if you wish to expand your follower base, then you should post transient content regularly.

3. Follower Study

Studying your followers is the best way to understand audience expectations. If you have a creator or business account, the insights section helps you study the demographics. If you study audience engagement patterns, networking with them becomes easier. Knowing facts like audience age, region, sex, or usage patterns will help you interact with them in a better way.

Besides that, the Insights section also keeps a track of follows and unfollows. The Insights section also provides details about active usage hours. This will help you post content in peak hours and increase engagement on your Instagram account.

4. Follow the Trends

Posting regularly can be a difficult task. Staying active and curating creative content on a daily basis is hard. Hence, in such situations following the latest trends is the best option. Instagram is loaded with thousands of trends and challenges. Every day new trends emerge and following them is the best thing you can do.

These trends have high viewership and never fail to catch the audience’s attention. These trends will help you to gain organic growth on your Instagram posts. Also, having a balance between promotional posts and trend posts is equally important. See to it that your account is not loaded with trend videos. Posting trend or challenge videos once or twice a week is the perfect thing to do.

5. Increase Audience Interaction

Account engagement depends highly on audience interaction. If your posts have a high number of comments, then the engagement rates will rise. This interaction helps you develop a bond with your followers. Reply to a few comments. This makes the people feel that their comments are being read and at the same time develops interaction.

Interaction is not just limited to comments. You can also host events and giveaways. Posting engagement stories that have polls, quizzes, sliders, and questions will help you increase engagement on Instagram. Also, seek customer reviews and feedback. Posting these things will help you build confidence about your product in the market.


This was the list of 5 Daily Routines to Expand Your Network on Instagram. These networking tips will help you build a connection with your followers and increase engagement on Instagram.

We hope this list was helpful for you. Save it for future reference. Also, make sure you visit our space for similar articles on different interesting topics.

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