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5 Home Features SoCal Homebuyers Want Right Now

The team at Prevu Real Estate shares the top five San Diego suburbs that are in high demand
Photo by R Architecture | Unsplash
5 Home Features SoCal Homebuyers Want Right Now

5 Home Features SoCal Homebuyers Want Right Now

Photo by R Architecture | Unsplash

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Owning a home in Southern California is a unique experience. The near-perfect weather omits annoying chore lists like shoveling snow and raking the lawn. Of course, those are replaced with cleaning the pool and patio chairs, but at least they are a reminder of the balmy temperatures you get to enjoy.

Aspiring homeowners moving out West or simply relocating from within California will want to know the top features to look out for when preparing for their purchase. Of course, that patio and pool might be the calling cards, but things like green efficiency and innovative features are also worth considering.

To keep buyers in the know, Prevu Real Estate has put together a guide of the top five home features SoCal homebuyers want right now.

Open floor plans

Some of the most appealing homes in California take advantage of the views and nature surrounding them. In addition, the mid-century modern style that took hold in California helped cement the open plan as a must-have feature.

Large windows and expansive rooms helped create the sense of bringing the outdoors in. Today, the floor-to-ceiling windows and living rooms that blend with the kitchen to create a sprawling open space are some of the most sought-after features in Southern California homes.

Office space

The pandemic that has changed how we approach office work seemed to be coming to an end. But the new Omicron variant has major cities back on their heels, and working from home continues to be the go-to for many professionals.

Enter Southern California’s famous vistas. Many luxurious homes take advantage of these views and offer a home office space with floor-to-ceiling windows. They are also positioned to make the most of the daylight and warm weather so that workdays are more enjoyable.

For anyone planning to work from home, their future California house should be well-equipped for a home office with ample space and light.

Green efficiency & smart features 

California is one of the few leaders utilizing renewable sources to generate energy. Some of its prized locations, like Palo Alto and San Diego, have implemented mandates to ensure green efficiency in new construction.

New homes must feature charging stations for electric cars, while proper insulation helps reduce heating costs. Other features like smart temperature control also provide an effective way of controlling your home’s energy use.

To take it a step further, look for homes that will offer solar panels, which significantly contribute to having an eco-friendly house.

Indoor-outdoor space

California designers have a penchant for creating a resort-like feel in Southern California homes.

With an almost perfect climate, cities like San Diego feature houses where outdoor spaces with pools seamlessly transition into open-plan living rooms. These designs are ideal for taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate and having ample room to entertain guests and enjoy your living space to the fullest.

The large open area is also an excellent feature for pet owners, providing enough room for pets to move around freely and have easy access to the outdoors.

Accessory dwelling units

Any investment in a home always involves a significant chunk of cash. An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, that comes with the house is an efficient way to put some of that cash back in your pocket.

ADUs have many uses, from serving as a guest house to being a workspace, but they are also an excellent way of earning income for homebuyers if they rent it out.

Recent California laws have enabled homeowners to build ADUs and get them approved more efficiently, so homeowners can look to them to help bolster income without leaving home.

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