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5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Feel Good This Summer

From Sunburn relief to beach bliss, check out Urbn Leaf's top picks
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We’ve all been guilty of spending a little too much time at the pool or on the beach during those long sunny summer days, especially here in San Diego. Next thing you know your skin is inflamed; you have a migraine from the heat and your muscles are sore from paddling in the water all day. What was a perfect beach day, has now transpired into a painful weekend. Turns out cannabis could be just the thing you need to find some relief. With legalization coming into play last year, plenty of locals and tourists have been flocking to local dispensaries like Urbn Leaf to stock up on their summer essentials.

After talking with Urbn Leaf’s wellness experts, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can incorporate cannabis into your summer routine.

1. CBD for Sunburns

Let’s face it Sunburns happen…and they HURT! Soothe your skin with a CBD rub like Leef Organics Revive Balm or Fiddler’s Greens Healing Balm. CBD lotions and rubs are known for fighting off inflammation, moisturizing dry skin, and calming redness. Because they’re non-intoxicating, topicals are often chosen by consumers who want the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive, euphoric feeling associated with other delivery methods.

5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Feel Good This Summer

5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Feel Good This Summer

2. Tinctures for Heat Migraines

A heat migraine can be intense and even last hours after you’re out of the sun. When you feel a migraine coming on first and foremost drink more water – odds are you’re dehydrated and need some time out of the heat. Grab a bottle of cannabis capsules or an infused tincture. For maximum relief, look for a tincture blended with peppermint or lavender essential oils or a capsule containing THCA.

3. Topicals for your Aches and Pains

After hours of beach volleyball, paddle boarding, skim boarding, kayaking, surfing, bodyboarding, (you get the idea), your skin isn’t the only thing that needs a little extra TLC. As mentioned earlier, topicals are a great way to directly target centralized pain in your joints and muscles. If you’re not one to lather on lotion, there’s now a variety of transdermal patches, pens, massage oils and bath soaks you can also use to help relieve your pain.

4. Ditch the Cocktails for Mocktails and Avoid a Hangover

Cannabis-infused beverages are all the rage this summer. Mix up mocktails with Dixie Elixirs or Legal’s sparkling tonics. You could even elevate the experience by adding a few drops of your favorite tincture into a slushy. Cannabis-infused beverages are the perfect alternative for anyone wanting to avoid a hangover.

5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Feel Good This Summer

5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Feel Good This Summer

5. Beached Out Bliss

Looking to get lost in a good book or take a little nap on the sand? Try sparking up an Urbn Leaf pre-roll before you leave the house. If flower isn’t your thing, Dosist’s Bliss disposable vape pen is a discreet way to get in the right state of mind. Looking for a little pick me up on the go? Pack your beach bag with Emerald Sky’s licorice. These tasty 10mg edibles don’t melt in the heat, so they can keep you feeling good all summer long.

Think you’re ready to add cannabis to your beach bag? Visit for more info.

5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Feel Good This Summer

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