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Alpha Heater Reviews – Waste of Money or Does It Really Work?

Read this Alpha Heater review to know everything about its features, pricing, working, unique aspects, and more
Alpha Heater

Alpha Heater

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Alpha Heater is a step forward in the modern heating solutions that is capable of evenly heating a room in around 2 minutes. The heater has been specifically designed to quickly heat rooms, offices, and bathrooms without eating up a lot of energy.

This ceramic and small-sized personal heating solution is light on the pocket and can be easily purchased in various regions. Moreover, the Alpha Heater is portable and compact in size for an easy placement on bed stands, side tables, and small shelves.

Alpha Heater is considerably cheaper, safer, and budget-friendly when compared to the conventional heating systems. Read this Alpha Heater review to know everything about its features, pricing, working, unique aspects, and more!

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Alpha Heater Review

Winter is the perfect time of the year to enjoy cozy family time and quiet book reading sessions indoors. However, things can get a bit annoying without a perfect and safe heating system available for one’s assistance all the time. Well, the Alpha Heater is here to solve many such cold season problems.

Made in the US, Alpha Heater is a safe, affordable, and efficient option for anyone looking forward to investing in a personal heater that offers considerably great heating services. Among many of its great features, the Alpha Heater’s ability to evenly warm an area within seconds without costing a considerable amount of money in lieu of electricity bills is surely one that attracts many towards it.

Alpha Heater is made to last its users for years to come. Further, it reduces an average American household heating expenses without making the people make even a bit of compromise on the quality and intensity of the heating they get. The Alpha Heating unit can easily warm up a small personal space as big as up to 350 square feet. It is both compact and portable for the users to take it easily along no matter wherever they go.

Another noticeable feature of the Alpha Heater is its aesthetic look that sits well in all rooms and offices and goes great with all kinds of decors. The heater just has to be plugged to the wall socket and turned on to start its safe heating operation. Even an amateur with no experience of using heating devices before can work with this heater without any risks at all.

For homes with already functional heating units, the Alpha Heater can be used as a personal hand and feet warmer in corners where the heat is not properly reaching. In fact, people are using this heater in their bathrooms as well.

Anyone can easily buy this innovative heater from the makers’ official website for no more than $49 per piece. However, considering that the heater warms up only a small and limited area, people tend to buy more than one Alpha Heater at a time. This has led the makers to offer several deals and discounts on their multiple Alpha Heater packages. People can now get multiple Alpha Heaters with each costing way less than it would if they had brought them separately. Below are some more details on this stellar heater, its features, usage, and more!

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Alpha Heater Specifications and Features

The Alpha Heater is perfect for families who like each and every corner of their home well warmed and cozy. It can easily be used in offices, apartments, condos, and by elderly people in the washrooms and kitchens in the absence of centralized heating. Here are some of the many noteworthy features of this modern heating unit:

Safe Operation

When investing in an economical and supplementary heating option, people have safety as their first and foremost concern. The Alpha Heater caters well to this concern with its multiple automated overheating protection and automatic turn off feature that keeps the heater from causing any damage to the property as well as to humans.

When the heater goes over 122 degree Fahrenheit, it automatically reduces its temperature to 104 to mitigate the risks of overheating. When this 122 Fahrenheit happens three times, the heater shuts itself on its own. If the heater trips down and falls on a surface, the heating will turn off on its own.

Quick Heating 

As per the makers, the Alpha Heater can begin with the heating process within seconds after it is turned on. Later, it takes around 10 minutes to heat up the entire room of 250-350 square feet evenly. This is quite impressive as compared to the heating time taken by other heating units.

Programmable Features  

The Alpha Heater gives its users great control over its working. One can easily adjust the timer as well as work with the custom heat settings to ensure that the heater works as and how they want on a heating speed that is best for them.

Silent Functionality

Unlike other heating units, the Alpha Heater does not make a notable sound when it is heating. The users can easily go about taking rest and reading without even the slightest of sound to interfere in their activities.

Energy Efficiency

This is another notable feature of Alpha Heater. It comes with minimal load on the users’ electricity bills. Simply explained, it does not take more power than a regular hair dryer does in an hour. Hence, this heater surely allows for minimal heating expenses without making the users compromise on the quality of heating they get.

Nano Filters 

Nothing is more dangerous and filthier than heating units developing rusts and molds inside and then transferring these particles to the entire room via the heated air. Fortunately, the Alpha Heater is capable of resisting this filth.

The Alpha Heater comes with already fitted nano filters that can cleanse and filter the dust and other nanoparticles from the air. This keeps the room free of small germs as well as pollen and molds when the heater is turned on there for a longer period of time or regularly throughout the season.

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Alpha HeaterPros and Cons 


  • Quick warming ability regardless of the outside temperature
  • Allows temperature control to the users as per their personal choice
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting


  • Will only work great as a supplementary and personal heating device
  • Can’t cover big areas
  • Can only be purchased online from the Alpha Heater website

Alpha Heater Reviews – How to Use It?

Using an Alpha Heater for the first time and setting it up for future working is a piece of cake. Even those who have never operated a heating unit before and have zero knowledge of the technicalities of the Alpha Heater can install and get this heater working in their home within a few minutes.

Here are the steps one needs to follow in the same order to safely get their new Alpha Heater to working:

1. Ensuring The Right Heater Placement

First things first, placing the Alpha Heater at an ideal point where it has minimal disruptions and minimum chances for tripping is an essential step of getting the Alpha Heater to begin its working.

People can place an Alpha Heater on a shelf, a nightstand or bedside table – provided that all these surfaces are flat and have a wall with socket nearby.

2. Connecting The Heater To A Power Supply 

Once the heater has been rightly placed, the second step is to connect it to a wall socket. It is also essential to make sure that the socket is fully functional, comes with minimal risks, and is also fixed properly in the wall. If the socket fulfills all these conditions, the Alpha Heater can be plugged into it.

3. Turning The Heater On

The last step is to turn the heater on after it has been plugged in the socket. Within a few minutes, the heater will warm up the entire room evenly. However, it should be ascertained that the heater is placed facing towards where the heat is required and is not facing the wall or any other thick obstruction. In the latter case, the heater won’t warm the area properly.

The Alpha Heater is made of ceramic material. However, it does get a bit hot when it has been working for a while. It is best not to touch the heater’s body even after turning it off until it has fully cooled down. No matter how hot the heater’s body gets, safely turning it off won’t hurt anyone at all.

Also check out what Alpha Heater customer reviews are saying about the efficacy of this portable heater. Does it really help you beat the cold this winter? Click here for more information before buying!

Benefits of Alpha Heater

As mentioned by several Alpha Heater reviews, it is considerably a better option as compared to the conventional heating units because of several reasons. Below are some noteworthy feature of this heater that make it stand apart from others:

1. Sleek and Stylish Looks

It is not common for heaters to look good or add beauty to a space’s décor. However, the Alpha heating unit is an exception with its stylish and modern design that can surely make a space look better and more chic than before.

2. Compact and Portable

Sometimes, people are at some corner of their house or workplace for some time where they can’t turn on proper heating. This does not mean they should sit there freezing in discomfort – but they usually have to do so because they can’t take along those heavy heaters everywhere. Thankfully, the Alpha Heater comes in a compact and portable body as a solution to such issues. It can be taken along anywhere without any difficulty at all, keeping the users warm and cozy regardless of the outside temperature.

3. Uniformity Of Heating 

Using this heater, one can ensure that no corner of their personal space is warmer or colder than the other. The heating unit evenly heats up an area so none of the people sitting Infront of it can feel even a bit of discomfort.

4. Affordability 

Exceptional heating solutions do not always have to cost people a fortune. This is why the Alpha Heater is priced very reasonably, with packages and discounts that make it even easier to buy multiple heaters all at once.

Where to Buy Alpha Heater at the Best Price?

Interested consumers should only purchase Alpha Heater from the company’s official webpage using this link. The official Alpha Heater website lets the buyers enjoy some amazing and affordable deals with several discount codes available for the first-time buyers. Depending on how many rooms one wants to be catered by an Alpha Heater, people can go for any of the multiple deals that the company offers.

Below is a breakdown of the pricing and packages one can avail when investing in the Alpha Heater units:

  • Buy 1 Alpha Heater for $49.95
  • Buy 2 Alpha Heater units for $47.45/each
  • Buy 3 Alpha Heater units for $44.96/each
  • Buy 4 Alpha Heater units for $42.46/each
  • Buy 5 Alpha Heater units for $39.96/each

Alpha Heater Reviews Final Verdict

As suggested by online Alpha Heater reviews as well as the claims made by the company, this product seems to be a worthy investment for winters, especially in the households, where centralized heating is not so perfect.

Alpha Heater’s ability to quickly heat up a space without costing so much and ensuring safety are some of the features that surely deserve attention and can make this heater a game changer for the future heating industry.

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Alpha Heater Reviews – FAQs

Alpha Heater Reviews

Alpha Heater Reviews

1. Which is the most authentic place to buy Alpha Heater from?

It is best to place your order for Alpha Heater on the official website of the Alpha Heater manufacturers. Buying this heater from the official website ensures a smooth shopping experience, delivering only the original product to the buyer’s doorstep without any hassle.

2. How long does it take for an Alpha Heater to be shipped to the buyer?

The management of the Alpha Heater’s official store makes sure to deliver each order within 48 hours after the customer confirms it. Based on where the heater has to be delivered, the shipping can take anywhere between 5 to 7 business days. The buyers can keep a note of their order by tracking it or by activating the SMS service from the website.

3. Is the Alpha Heater Safe? 

As stated above, the Alpha Heater is way safer than a conventional heating unit would ever be. This heater is capable of automatic temperature reduction and can also shut itself off on its own in case the room temperature crosses the normal number of degrees. Hence, it is totally a safe investment, particularly for people with pets and kids at home as well as generally.

4. How much area can a single Alpha Heater heat up?

Ideally, an Alpha Heater can evenly heat a room with a total area around 350 square feet. However, rooms with an area smaller than this do not get overheated since the heater is made to serve smaller and bigger spaces alike.

5. Can an Alpha Heater burn the surface when it falls over it?

No, when this device falls over something, it automatically turns off its heating. The users can then blow room temperature air over for some seconds and can cut off the power supply to avoid any possible damage.

6. How to reset an Alpha Heater if it falls or overheats?

  1. Remove the object or obstruction that caused the heater to fall or overheat
  2. Turn off the heater
  3. Remove the power supply cord and wait for the unit to cool down
  4. Plug the assembly back and observe its working. 

If the heater is not working properly after this, the users must immediately discontinue its usage and should call the customer service for repair or replacement.

7. How much minimum power should be provided for this heater to function?

An Alpha Heater uses around 650W low and 1200W high power to function well.

8. How does an Alpha Heater affect the utility bill?

Unlike many other heating units that use electric power, an Alpha Heater is supposed to be very energy efficient. Whether or not it can increase the users’ electricity costs depends on how often they use this heater. Using it for a few hours hardly inflicts any extra costs on the bill. However, how much a user’s electricity supplying company charges them per unit of power plays a huge role in deciding how much this heater can add to their bills.

9. Should the Alpha Heater be plugged into a power strip or timer?

No, the users should never plug this heater into anything other than the main socket on the wall. Timer and power strips are not usually designed to bear the amount of energy that this heater needs and this might lead to a huge issue.

10. Should the Alpha Heater be used with an extension cord?

It is strongly suggested that the users do not use their Alpha Heater with anything other than the wall plug. Plugging this heater directly to the wall is the safest and best way to get it to work. Using any extension cords or anything of the sorts increases the chance of damage and is also quite risky.

For more information or to purchase Alpha Heater at a discounted cost today, visit the official website using this link.

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