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Back on a Bike with a BEAR

A new type of ACL repair gets an athlete back to the activities she loves


When you’re ill or injured, it’s natural to want the best care possible. When multi-sport recreational athlete Jenna Richardson tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while mountain biking in Canada, she did extensive research and sought out an innovative new treatment that enables the torn ligament to heal without the use of transplanted muscle or donor tissue. She also wanted a knowledgeable surgeon whose experience and expertise she could trust. That’s what led her to Scripps. In August 2022, Richardson became the first patient in San Diego County to undergo the Bridge Enhanced ACL Restoration (BEAR) implant, which stabilizes the torn ligament and enables the body to bind the torn ends back together. The outpatient procedure was so successful that Richardson was able to leave the clinic the same day. She w is now on the road to recovery and is resuming her active lifestyle. Read more of Richardson’s story and about the innovative BEAR implant here.

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