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5 tips to amplify your digital footprint

Content provided by Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest

It’s hard to keep track of the hurdles businesses had to navigate through 2020. All that jumping really makes you tired. Or downright exhausted.

Some of us are still hopping along.

As tough as it’s been, we have the opportunity to move forward refreshed. Amidst the chaos, there is still positivity. New business models have emerged and companies who could help, focused on social causes. E-commerce boomed and innovations in the digital space allowed those who traditionally never had a presence to be seen alongside the competition.

Are you ready for a jumpstart? Here are five tips from Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) to help you stand out, move forward and adjust with integrity in 2021.


Better Business Bureau / Online Presence

Better Business Bureau / Online Presence

Create a strong online presence.

Not just a website, an experience. Most businesses who’ve had to close their doors have shifted online. To stand out, captivate your audience by focusing on values such as trust in your online business to show your brand is credible. But without a website developer, the job can seem daunting. To ease the burden, check out THRIVe, an all in one technology hub that serves as a digital assistant. With a website builder, e-commerce platform, social media management, email marketing and more, you’ll be up and running in no time.


Better Business Bureau / Niche

Better Business Bureau / Niche

Find your niche.

Many of us got pretty creative by adapting on the fly to stay afloat. Ideas this year were accelerated as old concepts got elevated. At home workout products, takeout meal kits, date night delivery ideas, video chats for design services… the list goes on. The point? The possibilities are endless when you think outside the box. No idea is a crazy one at this point.


Better Business Bureau / Advertise

Better Business Bureau / Advertise

Keep calm and advertise.

Recessions lead businesses to take a hard crack at the bottom line. Cut first? The marketing budget. But if everyone else is doing it too, imagine how much you could stand out by making small adjustments, but staying the course. If your brand goes dark, you’ve already lost your chance. Even a small whisper can gain your share of the voice amongst the silent competition, which might be enough to seal the deal.


Better Business Bureau / Stand Out

Better Business Bureau / Stand Out

Stand out.

What makes your business unique? Let the world know. In a sea of competition, rise above the rest to ensure you get noticed. With so much uncertainty surrounding us, customers are searching for convenience and honesty. They want something they can trust. Truth in advertising, a guaranteed call back, stellar service and quality products. Consider earning BBB Accreditation for your business to make a commitment to these standards. It’s a serious stamp of approval.


Better Business Bureau / Be Kind

Better Business Bureau / Be Kind

Be kind.

This one may not be directly related to a digital presence, but it sure is good practice. If one small business can help the next, imagine the waterfall it could create. Send a referral, write a review, give a small discount. Karma will repay you for your good deeds and the more we lift each other, the better we are as a community for it.


Want to start now? Give the gift of gratitude and nominate a business for a BBB Torch Award for Ethics. It’s free, easy and could be just the thing a business needs to hear to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Your local BBB San Diego campus is located at 4747 Viewridge Ave #200. When it is safe to do so, we look forward to reopening to serve the community. Until then, find us at

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