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Best Debt Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit: Top 5 Loan Companies Of 2022

If you are tired of paying high-interest of your loans, go for the best debt consolidation companies that combine your debt into single payment.

Best Debt Consolidation Loans 2022: Companies To Consolidate Debt

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Four out of five Americans suffer from debt spirals. That is why they feel cramped, in an urgent hurry of new debt, trying to cover the previous. The debt consolidation process generally involves opening out a new, lower-interest loan, utilizing this merging to pay off existing debts.

If you have improved your credit score since you obtained your current loans or have struggled with payment rates, debt consolidation could be a great way to sort loans in one important bowl of debt while reducing your monthly payments.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the debt consolidation process and will help you find what you think will be the permanent solution for your financial troubles. These best debt consolidation loans can do miracles if you are disciplined enough and put yourself on a saving mode. 

If you carefully read this article on debt consolidation loans, we ensure that you will determine whether a debt consolidation loan is a good fit for your financial needs or not. Don’t be skeptical about your bad credit history, be afraid of the bad monetary decisions that you made in your past. Since there is a solution for everything, this is your chance to redeem for a better future, where no debt will haunt you.

Best Debt Consolidation Loan Companies For Loan Consolidation In 2022:  

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Debt Consolidation Companies To Consolidate Loan

  2. Bad Credit Loans – Most Affordable Debt Consolidation Terms; Easy Loan Consolidation

  3. Radcred – Popular Personal Loans For Consolidating Debt; Best Consolidation Programs

  4. – Easy Loan Consolidation & Debt Relief Loans Online 

  5. Personal Loan – Trusted Debt Loans At Best Debt Relief Companies

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 

#1. MoneyMutual  Overall Best Debt Consolidation Companies To Consolidate Loan 



This lending network is specialized in short-term loans. They partner with 60 lenders that can offer, help, and guide you through the loans procedure, whether your goal is debt consolidation or an emergency purpose occurred. MoneyMutual thinks about everything. Therefore, for a beginning step, you must fill out the pre-qualifier questionnaire. 

The filled questionnaire is sent to all lenders that the filtering option finds capable of lending what you prefer. So, this mix and match service is one of the top-rated all over the USA. And after you’ve been contacted, not regarding your credit score, it is up to you if you will or not accept the conditions that the possible lender gives you. By obtaining the financial assistance you need, you can make a whole new debt, consisting of your old ones, with better terms.


Above all, this company is legitimate, and you will feel relieved and confident while collaborating with them. That’s what a client should feel, at least, when they consolidate, right? That’s precisely their mission, to get all Americans, without any exception, the needed funds with as little stress as possible.

About terms and conditions

The best part is that the application is an online form, meaning you can fill it and send it from your home. After choosing the loan that makes sense for your financial necessities, you have to carefully go over the Terms & Conditions. If they fit your needs, you can accept the negotiation.

The loan amount, interest rates, and loan specifications are all created by your lender, not the network itself. That’s why representatives from MoneyMutual ask customers, especially beginners, to read carefully before they agree to anything.

Type of loans to try for debt consolidation by MoneyMutual:

Foremost, you will love each loan type that MoneyMutual offers. We know you are on these IPN because you want the best debt consolidation loans, but knowing what they offer could benefit you and ensure the right mediator in the future. The loan types include:

Installment Loans: This is the most common choice for people who want a debt consolidation. The payment is simple since it is automatically synchronized with your bank account. You must pay off on a scheduled day every month. Moreover, these loans are outstanding if you have a steady income, coming from diverse sources like employment, self-employment, government benefits, or pension. Read all about the loan’s repayment dates.

Payday Loans: These short-term loans are a ‘take it or leave it’ opportunity, especially when you urgently need extra money. Typically, people who need to cover previous debt take them when the monthly payment comes. If that’s the case, your only option is to consolidate. These payday loans require lenders’ access and authorization to the debit account when your next paycheck enforces. 

Bad Credit Loans: If you are struggling with a bad credit score but need to consolidate your previous loans, Money Mutual has all it takes to help you. They search upon other factors than your credit score to determine before concluding if you are eligible or not. But if that’s the case, you, as a person with poor or bad credit, will be paying higher interest rates. 

Cash Advances: Cash advances are when somehow you can’t use your credit card or bank account, usually due to a blockage. The lender network will advise you to consider them only when the need is dire, since the fees and interest rates are gigantic in comparison to others.

Additional loans mean more interest and are loaded with fees. So, calculate if paying off your debt doesn’t cost you more than what you borrowed. Unfortunately, people who need to consolidate debt are already in what the experts know under the coinage “debt spiral.” 


  • The pre-quality form takes only five minutes to fill out

  • The application form and service are free

  • The approval period is short and takes almost every candidate as eligible

  • Funds will be transferred to your bank account in less than 24 hours

  • If you are a beginner, great educational resources are given on the website

  • They approve short-term loans up to $5000

  • The interface is straightforward, and you can easily compare rates, conditions, terms, and lenders in one place

  • They claim that they have collaborated with more than 2 million satisfied clients


  • Not all loan services are available in every state of the US

  • Often comes with high interest

Customer Experience 

Users of the MoneyMutual network love how perfectly synchronized the page is. You intersect with a clean design and user-friendly interface, one of the many features this site offers. After reading customer reviews, we found a positive response to MoneyMutual’s services. Interesting comments can be read, like those of people who saw the network as a debt saver. Also, customers praised the opportunity to obtain a loan despite their bad credit record. 

=> Click here to visit the website “MoneyMutual”

#2. Bad Credit Loans Most Affordable Debt Consolidation Terms; Easy Loan Consolidation



Bad Credit Loans’ platform is tailored to suit people with credit difficulties. Those who have struggled in the past can rebuild their credit record. In addition, BadCreditLoans give a second chance to those less fortunate to make wise decisions regarding finances. If you manage to pay on time, these small loans can consolidate your previous loans into one more coherent with improved features.

These loans are multi-purposed. However, you must be cautious about how you use them. Use these loans for emergency necessities, such as medical bills or consolidation of debt. Bad Credit Loans is similar to MoneyMutual in many aspects, starting from the fact they both are lending platforms. 


Bad Credit Loans connects you to a huge network of lenders, Therefore, it is not a direct lender. After you have filled the application, they send you offers to consider. You just have to wait and see what the lenders have prepared for you.

About terms and conditions

You must plan every step of your debt consolidation if you want to succeed in your intentions. Don’t forget that interest rates on poorer credit scores are higher, and fees are more excessive than those for people with good credit scores. But, if you are in a hurry and want to consolidate as quickly as possible, given your credit situation, Bad Credit Loans can be the financial support you’ve been looking for the whole time. 

If you haven’t decided yet, consider their business experience of over thirteen years. Not just that they are a legitimate business, but they offer exclusive loan packages apart from traditional lending, like tribal loans. 

The Education Center is another viewpoint you mustn’t skip. If you are a beginner, this is where you navigate to see what will make you eligible to apply for a loan, such as a student, auto, and business. The people behind the beginner’s guidance discuss loan scams, which everyone should be alarmed about, especially if you have a lower credit score than average. Also, you can contact them through the phone if something troubles you or you seek further guidance. The customer care representatives are very warm and friendly, and they can conclude every doubt to an end.

Personal loan for debt consolidation

Bad Credit Loans’ primary offering is personal debt consolidation loans. They work with an anti-discriminatory policy, trying not to put those with poor credit scores behind others. For example, we noticed that even if your FICO score is lower than 500, you will surely be loaned an amount of $1000. Also, the network in consultation with the lender does not limit where and how you can spend your debt consolidation loan. However, don’t get your mind busy somewhere else, and try to stay focused on clearing your debt history. Don’t be tempted to use your loan on anything except debt consolidation.

Loan qualifications with Bad Credit Loans are broader than those from other networks. You must be a legal adult and regular citizen of the US, or at least a permanent resident. The application form asks about work and home phone numbers, an active checking account under your name, and a valid email address where you can be contacted after the lenders have prepared an offer. Furthermore, you must have proof of regular income, independent of money from employment, Social Security, or government- benefits. They don’t limit the minimum income amount.

You can consolidate debt with bad credit through a nonprofit debt consolidation program or debt settlement program.

Short process, big consolidation benefits

With Bad Credit Loans, the process of getting your debt consolidation loan is short and easy. We will guide you through the four main steps.

Step 1: The first step is your introduction to the lenders. Name the reasons you apply for debt consolidation, fill out other sections like employment and phone numbers, and your date of birth. What matters the most is your interest in taking the debt, so be open and honest.

Step 2: After a while (usually 5-10 minutes, depending on your reasons given before), you will be notified with a list of possible lenders and their offers as well. Try to carefully review the suggestions sent. Stay long on the section about the terms of the loan. It is not shameful to ask questions before you sign since they can save you money and additional stress if you don’t get everything right.

Step 3: If you are in a hurry, considering your debt situation, you will most likely find something reasonable and accept the debt consolidation loan. The lender will tell you to sign with an e-signature. After the signature, the loan is closed by both sides. 

Step 4: The money will be transferred to your bank account in one business day. Since you are not limited, you can use them however you want, but make sure to pay out your installments on time and end your debt spiral once in for all. In this phase, if you didn’t make one in the beginning, come up with a strategy that will be good and consistent until the last interest rate is paid off.


  • The filtering option gives you a chance to compare multiple lenders at once

  • The application form and the registration are free

  • You have numerous contact methods

  • Bad Credit Loans provides quick loans for those with poor credit

  • If you manage to pay on time, you can improve your credit score

  • Loans amounts move between $500 to $10,000

  • The process of approval and funding is quick, over one day


  • Clients with poor credit are most likely to be approved with a small amount

  • Marketing messages may be sent to you

Customer Experience

Customers talk clearly and confidently about the golden opportunities provided by Bad Credit Loans. They state their appreciation was given how quickly a loan is received, no matter the bad credit score. Moreover, with the protected user data, which ensures privacy, customers are gladly giving their personal information when asked in the application. The site is very user-friendly and professional. The Education Center clearly explains each step of obtaining a debt consolidation. 

=> Click here to visit the website “BadCreditLoans”

#3. Radcred Popular Personal Loans For Consolidating Debt; Best Consolidation Programs



How many times have you found yourself in a situation when you are stuck confused with multiple loans you’ve taken, trying to keep up with their interest rates and the various loan terms? During this time instead of panicking, you can use RadCred for getting your loans consolidated. Here loan consolidation is very quick and serves the best interests of the service takers.

It is a completely safe and secured website where you can also borrow the money from lenders and pay back when your next paycheck comes in hand. 

RadCred also offers room for compromise and negotiation which can give the borrower some time to sort finances and pay back the money. 


  • Multiple lenders – One of the most significant parts of the company is that it offers multiple lenders to choose and borrow from. This provides the borrower as well and lenders a number of options to make an easier decision. 

  • Security – The main priority when it comes to money is safety. When so many transactions are taking place customers often tend to question the credibility.  These kinds of concerns are eliminated when the whole data is encrypted and not shared with anyone. 

  • Late payback – Since there is a middle man involved the likelihood of negotiation increases. The company provides some leniency when the borrower fails to repay the money at the scheduled time. 


  • Crucial data is encrypted 

  • Provides leniency in repayment and can be rescheduled

  • Provides multiple lenders

  • Easy, convenient and user friendly process to avoid confusion

  • The amount varies from $200 to $5000


  • Bi-monthly payments 

  • The amount of loans is dependant on the lender 

Customer Reviews

The website has quite impressive reviews on their websites. Since it is a well established and reputed company this service provider is well trusted among customers.

=> Click here to visit the website “RadCred”

#4. Easy Loan Consolidation & Debt Relief Loans Online

CASHusa (10).jpg

CASHusa (10).jpg

CashUSA enumerates as another loan marketplace with a vast network of lenders providing people who long to borrow money an array of options. The brand is another “go-between” place, as they bring forth all of the loans, especially forcing the strength of debt consolidation.


With by your side, you simply have to submit a short application and let the rest go with the flow. If you are qualified enough and eligible for a loan, lenders will flock to you in a few minutes. The offers brought to you will be based on the info you entered. does not perform credit score checks on borrowers. This is ideal for clients struggling with a poor credit score, but bear in mind that the interest costs and service fees are higher than usual.

About terms and conditions 

Given that CashUSA is just a middleman in lending, you must contact the lender if anything appears. That is why we advise reading and comparing each term and condition with a diverse loan. Typically, loan amounts start at $500, and the offer seizes up with $10,000, while the floating interest starts at 5.99% and stops at 35.99%. 

Another term you must bear in mind is that the application and registration are completely free. You can subscribe to the page and see what options you have. There will be no extra fees tacked along with your loan contract, nor will the site ask to insert the credit card number from the start.

Although many will see this as a disadvantage, the loan amount offered by CashUSA is lower than other companies, meaning that they accept almost every applicant. They hold the most considerable percentage of served clients, an impressive 80% of the total number. The lower amounts are presumably because they accept borrowers with bad or no credit. Lower means lower interest rates, right? And a smaller loan means it is easier to pay back. It may not be enough for debt consolidation loans.

Nothing is lost since loans can scale up to $10,000, and the maximum payment term for a single loan is six years. We recommend trying to clear the debt quicker than the optimal time frame. 

Quick application for debt consolidation

Apart from general loan terms, like amount and interest rate, another great feature that attracts clients is the ease of the process from start to finish. You begin by filling out a short application form, whereas you must provide basic info, such as zip code, birth year, and last four digits of your SSN. Then, after the pre-qualification form, you complete the entire form, which asks for deeper information, such as name and email, income, employer info, and financial institution information.

Once that is complete, you submit the form, and then the offers start coming in. In such multiple offers, it is easy to find a loan that makes sense to you. If you do find it, simply click on it, and review the contract closely. If you think it is suitable for you, provide further data the lender needs to close the deal. You will receive your fundings the next day.

CashUSA has favorable conditions for each customer. After the funds are transferred, you are free to use the loan however you like, but remember to stay reasonable. You have taken the loan because you want to consolidate your debt, not add to it. Above all, the repayment is easy since you can add an automatic withdrawal method to your account. This is how you secure yourself by forgetting to deposit an interest rate.


  • does not require a minimum credit score 

  • provides free services

  • The loans are quickly approved

  • Everything can be eligible since no credit history is pulled for the application

  • The funds are directly transitioned to the bank account

  • Loans offered from $500 to $10,000

  • No limit on what purpose you can use the loan


  • Interest rates tend to be high

  • Lower loan amounts offered in comparison to other networks

Customer Experience 

What counts the most from all that CashUSA has to offer is that everyone is capable of being qualified. A vast number of lenders partnered with the network can provide everything you need in terms of your debt consolidation. However, some basic eligibility requirements must be observed.

With CashUSA, customer testimonials revealed a great appreciation for their five rated customer service. Maybe what separates this lending platform from the others is precisely the Customer Care Service. Clients stated their experience with customer support was satisfactory and revealed the representatives were professional, honest, and took everything to make sure the clients understood every part of the process. 

=> Click here to visit the website “CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans Trusted Debt Loans At Best Debt Relief Companies

personal loan (1).png

personal loan (1).png

Our final portion of this review is Personal Loans. Like its counterparts, they match borrowers with an urgent need for extra funding to lenders who are willing to collaborate with them. They provide loans to those with an unfortunate credit history that is often disapproved and rejected. 


Personal Loans are a free service working in favor of their customers. After all, when you find yourself in a situation like this, you will pay attention to something minor, like getting something for free. To run as an eligible candidate, you must make sure that you have covered these features before applying: an active account that is not late over 60 days, no history with late fee payments, and no sign of bankruptcy.

About terms and conditions

The costs are also fair and affordable for each customer suffering from bad financial decisions, who finally decide to merge all existing debts into a larger and more beneficial one.

Furthermore, the loans can be used for any reason. Whether your goal is debt consolidation or something else, you can use the loan for it. However, as we have said before, only use it for things you need, not things you simply want.

Funding also happens fast, as you will get your money by the next business day. Then, they deposit it directly into your bank account.

Personal Loans debt consolidation 

Unlike other lending networks, Personal Loans have a special tab where you can see if the debt consolidation is a smart move considering your current situation. They give the customers a one-time chance to combine all existing accounts and open debts into one, supervised by their partner lenders, and under their favorable customer conditions.

In a square section, you can state the preferred loan amount. When you click on the ‘Get started’ button, the page redirects you to the pre-qualification form. Here you must provide the zip code, the last four SSN digits, and your date of birth if you want to continue further.

The primary qualifications you have tо have are proof of a steady income, no matter where it comes from, either full-time employment, part-time employment, self-employment, or social security help. Also, you must be older than 18 years old, have a US citizenship or regulated stay, and have an active email address, as well as an active bank account.


  • The payoff term varies from 3 to 72 months

  • The better your credit score, the better the interest rates are

  • Loans start from a minimum of $500 to $35,000

  • Fees Origination fee is 0.95%-3.75%

  • An extensive network of lenders is accessible

  • Works with actual credit unions and banks to secure exclusive loan amendments

  • The service representatives are pretty helpful and qualified either for technical support or answering loan-related questions


  • Not available in all the US states

Customer Experience 

Overall, customers have been satisfied with the service provided by Personal Loans. They have stated they received an excellent APR, and the funds were directly transferred to their bank account within 24 hours, making this platform perfect for anyone in immediate need of cash.

Moreover, customers are happy with the simple application process and the easy-to-use website. From applying and being approved to browsing through lenders, accepting an offer, and receiving their funds, users have had a seamless experience with Personal Loans.

=> Click here to visit the website “Personal Loans”

Beginner’s Guide: Best Debt Relief Companies For Loan Consolidation 

What exactly is debt consolidation?

By definition, debt consolidation is when multiple debts, often from things like credit cards, are merged into a single debt payment. But why is it beneficial for people who fall into a debt spiral? It makes it easier and faster to pay off the debt. Therefore, you can keep track of how much debt you have left. Generally, debt consolidation can be done with negligible risk in one of three possible ways: transferring all your debt to a 0% interest, balance-transfer credit card, or getting a debt consolidation loan.

How does debt consolidation work?

Combining several high-interest bad credit loans into one new debt, if the conditions are favorable, one with a lower interest rate. Your multiple debts are paid as a single loan, with one fixed monthly payment. If you manage the debt consolidation responsively, you can save money on interest and get out of the spiral sooner than expected.

With a debt consolidation loan, you borrow the amount that you currently owe on existing debts. After you’ve been approved, you will quickly receive the funds on your account. Usually, no limits regarding the purposes on how and when to use them are obtained. But for practical reasons, you should use them to pay off your previous and active debts. In rare cases, the funds can be transferred directly to your creditors. If there is an option like this, we suggest taking it since you won’t end up spending the money elsewhere.

The most popular type of consolidation debt among borrowers is credit card debt because it typically has some of the most affordable interest rates. That doesn’t mean that no other options are opened, such as consolidation through a payday loan, personal loan, and medical bills.

Benefits of a debt consolidation loan

Debt consolidation means saving money. If several credit cards with double-digit interest rates are waiting to be opened and not repaid, you can easily qualify for a debt consolidation personal loan at a lower rate. That way you can save a lot of money on interest and fees.

It also simplifies your finances. Since debt consolidation is a method of combining multiple no credit check loans into one large monthly payment with a fixed rate and a set of terms, you can ensure that your monthly payments stay the same and know the due date when your debt will be paid off. The rates of the credit cards are variable, and the monthly payments differ depending on multiple factors like your balance. It can be uncertain to know exactly when your debts will be finally repaid.

You can positively impact your credit score by paying on time. Like VantageScore and FICO, credit scoring models weigh a lot on your credit utilization ratio (how much of the credit you have utilized). When a new consolidation loan lowers your credit utilization ratio, your credit score might climb as a result.

Of course, you’ll need to avoid making late payments or running upon interest rates once again on your recent credit card accounts. Otherwise, you could decrease the record and put your credit in a worse position.

Factors To Consider Before Applying For Online Debt Consolidation: 

When we consider that 4 out of 5 Americans suffer from a debt spiral, we must point out some factors that indeed are neglected during borrowing. 

Simplify your bills

For some reason, the best hope for people that fell inside the circle of debts is debt consolidation. When you consolidate all the money that you owe, stop juggling bills which balances you can’t seem to pay off. The trick is to glue your current interest rates into a monthly fixed rate and pay the debt step-by-step until it is repaid.

Gradually lower the interest rates

If you manage to obtain a healthy credit, you can come to a point where you will bring the interest rate lower than the monthly amount you are currently paying. This way, you can lower your interest deposit and apply the saved money toward the principal. However, it is not as easy as it sounds if you set a solid strategy to save up thousands of dollars.

Avoid damaging your credit score

The consolidation of your overall debt can be either beneficial or can end up scoring penalties on your credit record. That is why, again statistically speaking, over 6000 debtors in the USA in a time frame of one year have improved not just their credit card debt but increased the number on their credit score. Above all, debts teach you how and how not to treat your wallet and funds, creating smart management habits. 

Establish organized financial habits

Consolidating high-interest debts through financial solutions can help the borrower create healthy financial habits and better control over their bills. Payday loans for debt consolidation are especially beneficial for obtaining methods and strategies to manage your economic impulses since they involve fixed rates and paydown dates set for every month. Consumers can easily budget their debts by feeling empowered and motivated to stick to what they have planned.

Choose the right lender

When you have in mind a personal lender, look out only for network lenders with years of experience in this field and are reputable and trustworthy. When looking for a lending platform, it is also essential to find one with helpful customer service, where the well-trained applicants can navigate clients through the application process.

FAQs Regarding Debt Consolidation Near Me: 

Why should I consolidate my debt?

Debt consolidation may not be your first and best choice, but it does have numerous advantages, including:

  • It will help you pay your debt sooner than expected

  • It will simplify your finances

  • You will get lower interest rates 

  • You can choose an auto repayment method

  • You can boost your credit score with on-time paying

However, debt consolidation may not be helpful if you get higher interest rates than the current ones. That way, you won’t achieve what you signed for when you thought of getting a debt consolidation, and more likely, you will end up paying costs that outweigh the benefits. Debt consolidation as a sole issue cannot solve all your financial problems.

How to make sure I am eligible for a debt consolidation loan?

Each lending institution has its criteria for considering whether a borrower is eligible or not. Commonly, the general requirements are that borrowers must be at least 18 years old, legal residents of the US, and not have a previous history of bankruptcy. Don’t worry if you have bad credit. Numerous lenders will gladly approve you. Considering your poor or bad credit, it will have higher interest rates. 

If you are not financially strong, you have the option of applying with a co-signer who has good credit, so it can improve your chances of being approved. Having a credit co-signer improves your overall credit picture with a fair credit score. However, keep in mind that the co-signer shares responsibility for the loan since he guarantees your regular payments.

When is a debt consolidation loan a good idea?

We enumerate the situations when debt consolidation seems like a sound and solid idea, apart from not being the most comprehensive.

  • You can almost painlessly pay off the debt: On the contrary, a loan will not be helpful if you can’t repay it. No one will be sane enough to take a consolidation loan if he, for sure, knows that he won’t be able to pay it off to the last dime.

  • You have a high credit score: High credit score means you can borrow and consolidate without significant interest rates just burdening your current record.

  • You want one payment: Many clients find it easier to keep track of fewer loans, and therefore, interest rates, since with a consolidated debt, you will pay the interest rate or installment once a month. Often, people forget to pay their interests, especially if they have multiple active loans.

  • You like fixed payment options: A fixed payment, unlike other loans, is possible with debt consolidation.

Will a debt consolidation loan hurt my credit score?

Applying for a debt consolidation loan may, at a glimpse of a moment, dent your credit score. The lender will have to do a hard credit pull before it can give you thumbs up. However, if you make your monthly loan payments on time and don’t extend the rates and balances, the credit card consolidation loan can only help you boost your credit score.

Moreover, there is a way to pull a debt consolidation that is healthy without hurting your credit. Overall, these debts have several features that are less likely to damage your credit score. A personal loan is an installment loan with a fixed rate, meaning fixed monthly payments and fixed payoff dates. That is why bad credit loan is widely recommended as the most accessible loan form to budget for and a cheaper type of credit than credit cards. These loans are favorable and have variable interest rates, payments dependable on the balance and rate, and no precise payoff date.

Concluding – Best Debt Consolidation Programs Of 2022

When all existing debts are glued into one, with beneficial interest rates, usually lower than the current one, you can successfully manage your debt. Therefore, you can save up to thousands of dollars and invest it in repaying the debt instead of filling your lender pockets. 

That is why we came up with this list of four lending networks. We have  everything you need to ensure you wouldn’t end up on the edge of bankruptcy. They have fixed terms and sometimes even interest rates, years of experience, and a solid reputation. The top four are a matching marketplace between borrowers and lenders. Just pick one, and try to follow our guidance steps. 

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