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Best Kratom For ADHD: Usage, Effects, Benefits & Dosage

Check out the top 4 best kratoms for ADHD. Made with 100% organic ingredients, these brands have so much to offer. Read the entire article to explore more.
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ADHD isn’t just about the little things like misplacing keys or drifting off mid-conversation; it’s a condition that can make everyday tasks feel like climbing a mountain. Traditional medications help some, but they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

This has sparked a surge of interest in natural alternatives like kratom, recognized for its potential to enhance focus and calm the mind naturally. However, with rising popularity comes a flood of Kratom vendors, all selling different strains with varying effects. So how do you choose?

Well, that’s where this guide comes in. We’ve sifted through the top brands and looked for the quality, variety, transparency of sourcing, testing methods, and customer reviews to bring you the best kratom for ADHD. Let’s get started!

What Is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

People with ADHD often have a continuous pattern of not being able to pay attention, being more active, and acting on impulse more than others their age.

Some of the main signs of ADHD include having a hard time focusing or being easily sidetracked, moving around a lot, talking non-stop, and not being able to stay seated. There’s also often a rush to do things without thinking it through, like blurting out answers or interrupting conversations.

The exact causes of ADHD aren’t clear, but it might be due to an imbalance in the brain’s chemistry, especially in the parts that handle focus, planning, and self-control. Both genes and a person’s environment may play a role. This restlessness of the mind and body isn’t just about being energetic; it’s about finding it hard to control these impulses and actions.

Can Kratom Help With ADHD?

Kratom has been making the rounds for possibly easing the restless minds and bodies that come with ADHD. But how? Unlike the usual energy rush from caffeine, Kratom might offer a smoother boost, helping to calm those bouncing thoughts and the need to keep moving. Kratom affects the brain’s opioid receptors to help you feel more focused and less impulsive.

It’s not a cure-all, and it’s important to remember that everyone’s experience with Kratom can be different. Plus, the science is still catching up on how exactly it might help with ADHD. But for some, Kratom has been a welcome addition to their routine, giving them a natural option to manage their symptoms. 

However, as with any supplement, we recommend you discuss it with a healthcare professional, especially when it comes to mixing it with other ADHD treatments.

Buy Kratom For ADHD From Best Kratom Vendors

Let’s look at the list below to find the best kratom for ADHD for you!

  1. Happy Go Leafy: Overall Best Brand To Buy Kratom For ADHD
  2. Super Speciosa: Premium Quality Kratom For Relaxation & Mental Clarity
  3. Nova Kratom: Kratom Variety for ADHD Management
  4. Kratom Spot: Top-Quality Kratom for Calming ADHD Symptoms

#1. Happy Go Leafy: Overall Best Brand To Buy Kratom For ADHD

The first on our list is Red Maeng Da Kratom by Happy Go Leafy, a brand our team can vouch for! Red Maeng Da is one of the best kratom strains for ADHD. Here’s how it works – Happy Go Leafy’s Red Maeng Da is formulated specifically to help you calm your nerves. Hyperactivity and restlessness, one of the most prominent markers of ADHD, can be managed naturally with red maeng da kratom. 


Exceptional Quality – Happy Go Leafy gives you the highest quality products. It’s made from the finest leaves and crafted with meticulous care. Each product undergoes rigorous measures to ensure it’s pure, free of contaminants, and effective. 

Variety of Strains – The brand sells all kinds of kratom strains – Maeng Da, Borneo Bali, Malay, Sumatra, Thai, and Trainwreck. Each strain comes with different effects. So whether you want to relax, gain energy, or relieve pain, Happy Go Leafy has something for you.

Transparent Sourcing – The brand is committed to being transparent while sourcing its products. It ensures that the best kratom farmers ethically and sustainably produce their products. 

Third-Party Testing – Happy Go Leafy conducts a comprehensive third-party test on all their kratom for ADHD. They produce small quantities and send them to a third-party lab to test heavy metals and bacteria. They adhere to the National Sanitation Foundation’s criteria for dietary supplements.

Positive Customer Reviews – Customers love Happy Go Leafy’s kratom products, particularly emphasizing its relaxing qualities. While some feel the pricing is higher, given the benefits and positive changes these products have brought, customers are super happy with their purchase.

Kratom Products Offered by Happy Go Leafy

Kratom Powder – Happy Go Leafy’s Red Maeng Da kratom powder is an all–natural product, available in sizes like 2 oz, 9 oz, and 2.2 lbs. Their kratom powders are pure and strong, made without any additives or fillers, ensuring you get nothing but the best.

Kratom Capsules – Pop one of their Red Maeng Da capsules, pre–dosed for convenience. These capsules come in packs of 150, 500, or 1000 units.

Kratom Gummies – Happy Go Leafy also offers 3 types of gummies – Tropical, Peach and Orange. All of these gummies are free of any artificial fillers. 

Kratom Liquid – The brand also has an option for liquid kratom – their Premium Liquid kratom shots. With a tasty grape flavor, these shots are a super quick way to get all the benefits of kratom in. However, we recommend starting slow with these, especially for those with ADHD, since the effects may take time for you to get used to.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Happy Go Leafy”

#2. Super Speciosa: Premium Quality Kratom For Relaxation & Mental Clarity

The next on our list is Super Speciosa. Their range of products undergo detailed testing and quality checks, so we know that what they’re putting out is definitely worth your purchase.

Our team checked out Super Speciosa’s Red Maeng Da Kratom capsules, and the results for ADHD were excellent. These 100% natural capsules help your mind relax. So when your head is buzzing with several thoughts, simply popping one of these in can offer instant relaxation. 

These capsules are just all-leaf powder – no adulterants or extras. Further, Super Speciosa goes ahead in ensuring transparency, so you can scan their batch–specific QR codes and get the lab certificates immediately. 


Exceptional Quality – Super Speciosa’s products are of outstanding quality, making it one of the first qualified vendors with the American Kratom Association. Further, it is a verified AKA GMP-qualified brand that meets strict product quality standards.

Variety of Strains – While Maeng Da remains popular, Super Speciosa also has the following strains: Specialty, Bali, Malay, Borneo, and Thai. 

Transparent Sourcing – Super Speciosa focuses on the customer’s safety before anything else. So, all their products are sourced only from the best farms and undergo strict testing before they come to you. Simply check their lab certificates out with their batch–specific QR codes.

Third-Party Testing – It conducts a thorough third-party test to ensure that its products are free of any harmful contaminants. Each product goes for quality measures to ensure it is effective and pure.

Positive Customer Reviews – Consumers love their products and excellent customer service. They appreciate a full refund within 30 days of their order, if unsatisfied. But mainly, they praise the brand’s reliability and effectiveness in providing them with stress relief and mental clarity, a definite plus point for those with ADHD.

Kratom Products Offered by Super Speciosa

Kratom Powder – This brand has a massive collection of kratom powders, covering everything from flavored powder to powder for newbies as well as long–term users. To begin with, we recommend checking out the Powder Flight variety pack!

Kratom Capsules – Super Speciosa’s kratom capsules come in varieties of red, green, and white, as well as some specialty packs. You can order packs in units of 60, 180, 320, and 100. Each capsule contains roughly 500 mg of kratom leaf powder. 

Kratom Gummies – Gummies are a customer favorite since they come pre–dosed and are a tasty way of consuming kratom. Explore a range of flavors to suit your tastebuds, like Blueberry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Strawberry, Tropical, Mango, Orange, and Peach.

Kratom Liquid – Super Speciosa has two types of shots, Kava and Kratom Shots and Kratom Tincture Watermelon. These are best for rapid effects and give you that soothing feeling almost instantly.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Super Speciosa”

#3. Nova Kratom: Kratom Variety for ADHD Management

Nova Kratom had to be on our list of the best kratom for ADHD, given their focus and attention to detail. We particularly love Nova Kratom’s Red Maeng Da powder. Since the strain is highest in terms of alkaloid concentration, the soothing benefits are also the maximum. And Nova Kratom’s powder ensures you get just that, that too is vacuum sealed, opaque packs! 

Nova Kratom cares about the customer, so the capsules and powders they offer are dosed such that you get the optimum benefit, without the added jitters. For those with ADHD, this is especially helpful. 

What we also love about Nova Kratom is its quick and hassle–free shipping process. And in fact, for orders over $39.99, you can get shipping entirely free!


Exceptional Quality – Nova Kratom ensures its products are high quality. It ensures consistency and ethical manufacturing practices. Their products are 100% natural, with zero additives and fillers.

We recommend storing the packs in a dark place to maintain their freshness by protecting them from moisture. It will keep the alkaloid content intact.

Variety of Strains – We were mind–blown by the variety of strains Nova Kratom offers, a whole 21 different options for each vein type, including Yellow! Even better, they provide mixed packs where you can combine either 2 or 4 strains in a pack. 

Transparent Sourcing – They source ethically from reliable sources like Southeast Asian farmers for their famous green vein kratom. It follows Fair Trade policies, valuing quality and having exceptional skills to cultivate kratom.

Third-Party Testing – All the products by Nova Kratom are third-party lab tested for purity and potency. These lab tests also ensure the products are free from contamination, such as heavy metals, allergens, additives, and more. 

Positive Customer Reviews – Consumers reflect their satisfaction and trust with positive feedback. Customers particularly love the 4–4-variety blend option and have placed repeated orders for their favorite products. In addition, speedy delivery, an easy-to-navigate website, reasonable prices, and free samples add to customer satisfaction.

Kratom Products Offered by Nova Kratom

Kratom Powder – Nova Kratom’s Red Maeng Da kratom powder is the most popular, followed by the Green Maeng Da kratom. The 4–way split option allows you to buy four varieties of 250g powder at the total bulk costing of a 1000g powder.

Kratom Capsules – All varieties that come as powders also come in capsule form. With capsules, you get the added convenience of popping one in quickly and getting the dosage right.

Nova Kratom does not sell gummies and liquids at the moment. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Nova Kratom”

#4. Kratom Spot: Top-Quality Kratom for Calming ADHD Symptoms

Finally, we have Kratom Spot on the list of best kratom for ADHDKratom Spot’s Red Maeng Da is sure to bring you peace of mind when dealing with your ADHD becomes difficult. Their products are made in GMP–compliant facilities, ensuring you get only the most pure form of kratom. 

Our team tested their Red Maeng Da kratom powder and felt the effects of relaxation and rejuvenation instantly. Plus, Kratom Spot also has offers and loyalty points for you to take advantage of to get the best quality kratom at the most affordable rates.  


Exceptional Quality – With its exceptional quality, products by Kratom Spot gives out calming, soothing, and relief effects. Its all-natural, organic products are free from any additives and fillers. 

Variety of Strains – You can get your hands on several different strains of kratom – Bali, Thai, Sumatra, Indo and Malay, and of course, the popular Maeng Da. 

Transparent Sourcing – They are sourced from small family farms in Thailand. Kratom Spot engages in fair trade practices, sustainably and ethically sourcing the kratom while keeping consumers’ safety in mind.

Third-Party Testing – It is a verified AKA GMP-qualified brand that meets strict product quality standards. It conducts a thorough third-party test on all their kratom for ADHD and is tested by a third-party auditor.

Positive Customer Reviews – Its excellent customer service and top-notch quality products have made it a reliable choice for kratom. They praise the brand’s reliability and effectiveness in providing mood-elevating, stress-relieving, and relaxing benefits. It also offers free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

Kratom Products Offered by Kratom Spot 

Kratom Powder – Kratom Spot’s kratom powders come in a variety of different strains, and they also offer blends. These blends combine different quantities of various strains to get you perfectly curated kratom formulations.

Kratom Capsules – Its gelatin-free capsules are packed with 0.7g of finely grounded kratom powder. You can choose from white, green, or red. These capsules are 100% natural and focus on mood-boosting qualities. The recommended serving size is 4 capsules per day.

Kratom Liquid – These pre-measured shots of kratom help you get all the benefits in quick, delicious doses. We love their flavors, from zesty citrus to chocolate and mint to orange cream. Each shot comes with 25mg of mitragynine, which is rich in alkaloids. You don’t need to measure it like the powder and capsule, and you can simply take your kratom on the go!

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kratom Spot.”

How We Made The List Of The Best Kratom For ADHD?

Check out how we made the best-curated list for you: 

1. Vendor Reputation

We’ve handpicked the best kratom vendors to buy kratom online, known for their solid track record in honesty, openness, and top-notch customer service. Brands that cut have over five years of experience in getting pure strains the right way, always putting customer safety first with strict testing. Those with easily available third-party lab results scored extra points with us.

2. Kratom Products Quality

Top-scoring kratom brands like Happy Go Leafy for best kratom capsules for ADHD and Super Speciosa for products contain pure, expertly dried leaves free of additives or extracts for natural effects. They process strains using good manufacturing practices to avoid metals and toxins. 

For ADHD specifically, we chose sustainable brands that offer farmed Mitragyna Speciosa tree leaves with high concentrations of medicinal alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. 

3. Variety of Strains

Since unique kratom strains and vein types have slightly varied alkaloid ratios, producing different effects, we favored vendors stocking diverse options. This allows personalized fine-tuning based on individual preferences and exact ADHD symptoms. 

For example, while Red Vein strains are generally best for promoting calming focus, particular types like Red Maeng Da may work even better for some. Trying quality Green or White strains could better match others. 

4. Affordability

We made sure to spotlight online kratom vendors offering fair bulk pricing with regular sales, coupons, and reward programs. Even their regular low prices per gram or capsule proved reasonable for most budgets compared to prescription medicine or therapy. 

Smart shopping improves with membership plans, points systems, and bigger discounts for buying more. Essentially, the brands we’ve featured work hard to make sure their pure, ethically-made products are affordable, even for those watching their spending.

5. Potency

Our top kratom selections are known for their incredibly high phytochemical levels, sourced from fully grown trees in Southeast Asia. They focus on expert drying techniques to keep the alkaloid levels high. Each batch is checked to ensure it has at least 1.4% mitragynine and other beneficial compounds. 

Lab reports back up the claim of their full-spectrum potency. Plus, taking kratom in small, regular doses is key for the best results and safety. We only look at the strongest, most effective plain-leaf kratom out there.

6. Lab Testing

We greatly favored transparent online vendors who regularly send their products for independent third-party lab testing and make those Certificate of Analysis reports easily available for customers. This way, everyone can confirm cleanliness and potency specs like mitragynine content before purchasing. 

Such rigorous lab audits also confirm the product purity, freshness, contaminant-free status, safety, and accurate labeling claims. Strict testing and transparency standards prove a commitment to quality and safety – a must for any supplement.

7. Customer Reviews

We analyzed thousands of customer testimonials across rating platforms, forums, and brand sites to gauge real-life efficacy and user satisfaction rates for various online kratom vendors. 

Our top picks had earned feedback for improving focus, lifting energy, calming excess hyperactivity, and balancing mood for ADHD customers. Their products receive the highest effectiveness ratings for managing symptoms reflected in the strains we decided to feature. 

We highlighted those products with the most consistently positive reviews on optimizing attention, dialing down restlessness, and boosting productivity. 

How Does Kratom Work For ADHD?

Kratom contains special compounds called alkaloids. These alkaloids can attach to the brain’s opioid receptors when the supplement is taken. These opioid receptors regulate the production and circulation of dopamine within the brain. 

So by the alkaloids activating the opioid receptors, it simulates them to release more dopamine. This action of alkaloids releasing more dopamine by turning on opioid receptors helps correct the low motivation, poor focus, and concentration that come from deficient dopamine levels in people with ADHD.

How Kratom Calms Nerves

  • Kratom alkaloids also attach to adrenal glands near nerves
  • Over-excited nerves cause restless hyperactivity in ADHD
  • By soothing these glands, alkaloids reduce nerve-firing
  • This relieves distress and restlessness promoting a calmer focus

In essence, Kratom targets both attention issues as well as hyperactivity in ADHD. The natural properties of these plants help balance brain chemistry and soothe the nervous system, enhancing focus. This supports a productive mindset while nurturing a sense of calm.

Benefits of Using Kratom for ADHD

While Kratom has shown proven results in targeting ADHD issues in individuals, some other benefits that are associated with using Kratom include:

  1. Stress relief

Kratom naturally calms jittery nerves and reduces anxiety, offering a peaceful relief from the inner disturbance that worsens ADHD challenges. Its soothing effects quiet the constant mental noise and worries that come with attention disorders, helping to create a more relaxed and attentive mental state.

  1. Improved focus

Kratom activates key brain receptors like opioids and dopamine receptors which control functions like motivation, concentration, and reward processing tied to ADHD issues. This activation releases more messenger chemicals promoting vigilance, attention, and clarity – cutting through the “brain fog”. 

  1. Boosts energy/mood

In ADHD, challenges like mood swings and tiredness often stem from low or unbalanced dopamine levels, which can reduce motivation and enjoyment. Kratom’s active compounds engage the brain’s dopamine system, helping to elevate mood and energy that are typically low in ADHD due to this imbalance. 

Kratom also gives a mild boost similar to caffeine, which can help shake off fatigue. This combination of mood and energy enhancement can be beneficial for overcoming the common motivational hurdles faced by individuals with ADHD.

  1. Eases hyperactivity

In the hyperactive-impulsive type of ADHD, the brain’s nerve pathways can get overstimulated, leading to constant movement and a struggle to stay still. Kratom’s key alkaloids interact with brain receptors that keep these signals in check, calming down the overactivity.

 As a result, it can help smooth out movements, make it easier to stay seated, and even slow down fast-paced speech, providing much-needed relief for those with hyperactive symptoms.

  1. Helps curb impulsivity In the hyperactive-impulsive type of ADHD, the brain’s nerve pathways can get overstimulated, leading to constant movement and a struggle to stay still. Kratom’s key alkaloids interact with brain receptors that keep these signals in check, calming down the overactivity. As a result, it can help smooth out movements, make it easier to stay seated, and even slow down fast-paced speech, providing much-needed relief for those with hyperactive symptoms.

FAQs About Kratom For ADHD

Q1. What is the correct dosage of Kratom for ADHD?

For managing ADHD symptoms, the recommended kratom dosage for most people ranges from 1-5 grams per day depending on individual severity of symptoms. 

Consume doses spaced evenly 2-3 times daily, starting with the lowest effective amount around 1 gram then gradually increasing if needed. Consume a maximum amount of 5 grams per dose to maximize the benefits.

Q2. How does Kratom work for ADHD?

Kratom has alkaloids that stimulate opioid receptors. These receptors control dopamine production and nerve signaling tied to ADHD struggles. 

More dopamine helps manage poor motivation and concentration. Calmer nerves ease hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Together these processes address the root ADHD causes.

Q3. What kratom is good for ADHD?

Red vein strains, like Red Maeng Da, effectively deal with ADHD. Their high content of focusing, calming alkaloids specifically targets inattention, hyperactivity, and restlessness. Small amounts of Green/White strains can blend well too.

Q4. Is it Safe to Take Kratom Alongside ADHD Medication?

Kratom is likely safe with many common ADHD medications but research carefully or consult a medical practitioner before combining them. 

Q5. What are the potential risks of using Kratom for ADHD?

When taken in very high doses for too long, kratom can sometimes lead to issues like withdrawal troubles, constipation, or liver problems, though such cases are rare. Most people who use kratom carefully and in moderation tend to encounter few, if any, risks.

Q6. Is kratom effective at treating ADHD symptoms?

Yes, kratom has been found to effectively address the primary symptoms of ADHD. This is backed by numerous personal accounts where users report heightened focus, reduced impulsivity, and a decrease in hyperactive behavior. For many, kratom has been key in managing their ADHD, and the benefits become better over time with consistent and responsible usage.

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Summing The Best Kratom For ADHD

In the journey to manage ADHD, kratom offers a promising alternative. Our guide highlights top contenders like Happy Go Leafy and Super Speciosa, renowned for their quality and impact. Products like kratom powders and capsules from these verified brands will help to smooth out the day-to-day hurdles of ADHD, providing the focus and calm many seek. 

With the homework done for you, our list points you toward the best choices for your needs. So, if you’re considering kratom, you’re now backed with information to make an informed choice. Remember, it’s about finding the proper support for your journey toward better focus and a calmer mind!

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