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Best Online Tarot Reading Sites: Top Psychics For Accurate Tarot Cards Reading [2022]

Are you ready to glance at your fortune? A tarot session may be what you really need! Read on to uncover the best online reading tarot platforms in 2022!
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Turning to tarot’s surprising miracles can help you realize a lot about yourself, your path, your significant other, goals, career, financial situation, etc. You aren’t the only one who believes in tarot’s force. On the contrary, thousands have practiced and demonstrated the deck’s mighty essence for centuries. Tarot can support you, clear up your doubts, and may give you the confidence to take action, and all that with one click on the platforms we reviewed for you.

You don’t have to travel miles to meet with a mystic. Online psychic sites have allowed you to access these practices from your home or wherever. Numerous qualified advisors can shuffle for you and give you a peek at your fate.

If you are looking for the most adept online tarot reading, dive deep into this article and discover the five leading sites that can give you the solutions you are looking for. After this read, you will know what to anticipate and be richer in knowledge and judgment.

5 Best Online Tarot Reading Sites With Trusted Tarot Readers: 

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Tarot Reading Online With Expert Tarot Cards Readers

  2. Kasamba – Most Accurate Compatibility Tarot Reading From Top Online Psychics

  3. Mysticsense – Network Of Psychics with Specialization In Tarot Readings

  4. Keen – Affordable Psychic Reading Site To Get Tarot Live Readings

  5. Psychic Oz – Reliable On-call Tarot Deck Services To Get Love Life & Career Insights

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Tarot Reading Online With Expert Tarot Cards Readers

purple garden (1).png

purple garden (1).png

Purple Garden should be one of your head picks when scouting for an efficient online tarot reading. This site has become leading for people who want to connect with skilled professionals who deliver services beyond the physical realm.

Suppose you are looking for a tarot whiz, spiritualist, medium, clairvoyant, or anyone who uses mystic tools to link you to the other side. In that case, you can find them at Purple Garden.

Even though Purple Garden exists for entertainment purposes, numerous people have found direction. Yet, you don’t get a guarantee that the psychic will predict your future. Nevertheless, that may happen if you select wisely and carefully.

Purple Garden is one of the user-friendliest platforms and has a mobile app. The services are designed for mobile, and you can effortlessly access them anywhere. Keep in mind that most of the features of Purple Garden are available through the app; still, you can use some of them via your computer too.


At Purple Garden, many tarot readers use their magical decks to counsel you. If you have opted for an online tarot reading, you likely know that with the help of tarot, you can get a glimpse of what awaits you, and the cards may aid you in challenging situations.

The rates of the psychic readers vary between $1.49 and $14.99 per minute. You must know that there aren’t any promises, and the site doesn’t offer refunds. You can contact the advisors via call, video, and chat, and not all advisors permit all three options.

Moreover, when you select a category, in this case, a tarot deck reading, you will notice that Purple Garden enlists you with all professionals in the field. If you click on their profile, you can read about them, how many readings they have performed, and their reviews.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden


  • A user-friendly mobile app

  • Various categories

  • Numerous psychics

  • 5% cashback on purchase

  • $10 in credits for new members

  • Advisors tested through video screening

  • Call, video, and chat contact options


  • No refunds

  • No guarantees

  • Limited contact options for some advisors

Customer reviews

Many tarot card readers at Purple Garden have high ratings and positive reviews. From what we witnessed, they have guided people and helped them in their lives. They managed to use their knowledge and provide clients with answers they long wanted. We appreciate that customers continue to utilize the services and recommend them to others.

However, we mustn’t exclude the negative reviews on some psychics’ profiles. Few clients made a wrong choice, and they weren’t delighted with a particular advisor, so they warned new users with a review.

#2. Kasamba – Most Accurate Compatibility Tarot Reading From Top Online Psychics

KASAMBA (1) (1).png

KASAMBA (1) (1).png

Kasamba is a psychics network that has existed for more than 20 years. The platform has functioned with some brilliant and well-known psychics and assisted nearly all clients.

At Kasamba, hundreds of advisors specialize in distinct domains using miscellaneous tools. We determined this platform because an online tarot reading here is one of the most performed services. In detail, you can find many psychics who have an aptitude for tarot and know how to crack the symbolism of the arcanas. Plus, you can pick cartomancy and angel cards too.

Kasamba is functional on mobile phones, and you can easily download its app. Through this app, you can access the platform on the go and receive assets wherever you are.

We also relish this network because they offer a satisfaction guarantee to users who have found their services incompetent. Moreover, they issue refunds, and you can receive a return of up to $50.


On Kasamba’s website, you can filter the advisors by rating, price, number of readings, category, skill, experience, etc. You will also catch that the minimum price per minute is $1.99, while the maximum is $9.99+. Trained and acknowledged psychics often charge more.

We admire Kasamba’s free three minutes they propose with every new psychic. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that isn’t obtainable at other sites and gives you a possibility to meet with the advisor and resolve whether you want to proceed to a paid meeting. If you don’t, you can meet the next one for free.

When it comes to tarot, Kasamba offers a free daily tarot shuffle. Moreover, the site has a valuable section with articles on love, relationships, astrology, spirituality, and others.

Notably, you can contact the advisors via email, chat, or call. The site doesn’t have a video option, and every consultant has a separate email fee. If a psychic you favor is online, you can proceed to a session.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • 20+ years of experience

  • 3 free minutes with every new psychic

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Refunds up to $50

  • Email, chat, or call contact options

  • Interesting articles

  • Numerous distinct categories and psychics

  • Mobile app


  • Higher email fees

  • Satisfaction guarantee and refunds for one reading only

  • No video call

Customer reviews

At Kasamba, the most masterful tarot specialists are rated with high grades. We saw that people who received readings were pleased with the outcomes. Many of them persist in coming back and consulting with their advisor when they are in a difficult situation. Importantly, we encountered online tarot readers with 5-star ratings, maintaining their stature.

Of course, there were some negative reviews, mostly when people didn’t get what they hoped from reading or were let down by the desired psychic. Some of the advisors didn’t respond to their questions, made a broad or inaccurate reading, and made them feel tricked.

#3. Mysticsense – Network Of Psychics with Specialization In Tarot Readings

purple garden (1) (1).png

purple garden (1) (1).png

The fourth platform on our online tarot reading list is Mysticsense, a site picked by many because of its elegant interface and welcoming atmosphere. Mysticsense is where multiple advisors have gathered, ready to offer directions and reliance.

You can discover various categories, and you can see that at Mysticsense; almost every reading you can think of is available in the palm of your hand.

Mysticsense also offers a satisfaction guarantee if you are displeased. When such an event happens, you can request a time-back (recredit) and use the minutes you have lost with another psychic. The main rule is to request it within 48 hours. And importantly, you can get up to 10 minutes back to your account.

Likewise, you can ask for a cash-back, again 48 hours from a reading. You can use this refund one-time only, and you have to know that Mysticsense has the right to refuse your request.


Here, you can filter the psychics according to subject, expertise, specialties, tools, or reading style. What is appealing is that you can refine the advisors according to their tone. Yes, Mysticsense allows you to select an advisor with a compassionate, direct, wise, expressive, or a reading tone that fits your necessities and comprehensiveness.

Furthermore, you can reach the mystical consultants through phone, chat, SMS, and video. These options can make you comfy and help you get your answers the way you want.

Admiringly, Mysticsense offers free five minutes for new users. To get this opportunity, you have to make an account and deposit $10. Your free five minutes will be repaid when you have your first session.

The prices at Mysticsense start from $0.99 to $10.00+. You can unite with an advisor immediately when they are online or choose to schedule a session.

=> click here to visit the official website of  Mystic Sense


  • Free 5 minutes for new users

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Time-back up to 10 minutes

  • Cash-back

  • Various categories

  • Chat, phone, video call, and SMS contact options

  • A useful blog with articles


  • Refunds can be denied

  • No mobile app

Customer reviews

You can uncover ratings once you enter the advisors’ profiles. We saw that many psychics are popular among clients and have flattering comments which honor them and their services. Numerous advisors who have supported clients were straightforward and fast, and they tended to connect.

There are lower ratings, too, in which clients say that they didn’t find the reading genuine or didn’t link with the psychic the way they wished. Some counselors didn’t answer factual questions and took too long to reply. However, these comments are often an exception, and you can rarely find them.

#4. Keen – Affordable Psychic Reading Site To Get Tarot Live Readings



The second network is Keen, another central psychics platform that has been present for more than two decades. Keen’s mission is clear: they want everyone to receive guidance and improve their life path. Therefore, they have helped more than 35 million people worldwide and proudly continue to do so.

At Keen, you will meet multiple talented advisors specializing in different areas. Plus, you will find a free blog full of articles that will clarify things you didn’t know about the spiritual world, magic, tarot cards, the occult, and even psychology.

When you are looking for an authentic online tarot reading, you can proceed to make an account. When you become a member, you will notice that Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee, and when you are disappointed with a psychic, you can request a refund. It’s noteworthy that refunds can be requested once a month, within 72 hours from reading, and they come as free credits with an upper limit of $25.


When you settle on Keen, you will locate multiple psychics who perform using different techniques. Because we are discussing tarot, we have confirmed that there are gifted advisors exquisite with the deck.

The rates at Keen vary from $1.99 to $9.99+, depending on the expert and their background. Of course, the skilled and demanded psychics have higher rates, with an average minimum of $5 to $10 per minute.

Keen offers filters, and by employing them, you can refine according to the rate per minute, rating, availability, specialties, methods, skills, and specialties. When you click on an advisor’s profile, you can discover their rating, reviews, and the number of readings they have completed. Additionally, you can find out how long the psychic has operated.

Importantly, you can contact the advisors at Keen through chat and phone. The site doesn’t offer video, though you get three free minutes when you are a new user at the beginning of the reading.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Free first three minutes for new users

  • Chat and phone contact options

  • Up to $25 refunds in credits

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • 20+ years of operating

  • Distinct categories


  • No video call

  • Free three minutes for the first session

Customer reviews

Most of the skilled advisors at Keen are approvingly rated by users. When we went through the tarot experts, we detected that many have affirmative reviews, and people are happy with their assistance. Numerous of these advisors have mastery, and they know how to use their knacks.

We would be lying if we said that there weren’t unfavorable comments and reviews. In precise, they always relate to a specific psychic rather than the whole platform. In the end, everything depends on the individual and their selection.

#5. PsychicOz – Reliable On-call Tarot Deck Services To Get Love Life & Career Insights

Psychic Oz has been present since 1989, making it the most experienced platform in our article. For more than 30 years, the network has improved its services and presented some of the most proficient psychics globally.

The process through which the psychics are selected is rigorous, and you may notice that the network has fewer advisors than other sites. However, that’s not a minus; on the contrary, Psychic Oz secures its hiring methods and the authenticity of the consultants.

When it comes to satisfaction, Psychic Oz offers a satisfaction guarantee, with which you can request a refund when you aren’t content. Keep in mind that you can receive this refund in free credits only so that you can give the platform another chance. To get a refund, you have to ask within 24 hours from the session, and that session shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes.


You can contact Psychic’s Oz advisors through phone, online chat, video, and email. The psychics set their rates, and they usually cost from $0.99 per minute for calls and $4.99 per email. The more experienced psychics usually request more; however, Psychic Oz assures that there aren’t hidden charges.

When you want to search for the best online tarot reading, you will see that you can sort the psychics by rating, price, and type of readings. Furthermore, when you click on their profile, you will reveal their online tarot card reading subjects, abilities, and psychic tools. Moreover, they will provide you with a description of themselves and their qualifications.

Finally, the first three minutes are free at Psychic Oz, and there are a few tempting introductory offers. In particular, you can discover them right on the site and save yourself some money.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Psychic Oz


  • 30+ years of experience

  • Free three minutes for new users

  • Strict screening of the psychics

  • Many categories

  • Lower prices than other sites

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Refunds in the form of free minutes


  • No mobile app

  • Fewer psychics than other platforms

Customer reviews

Seeing which ones were predominantly rated wasn’t complex because of the lower number of psychics at Psychic Oz. We must say that some real gems have aided and counseled many individuals who continue to use their services for years. They have 5-star ratings, and their predictions, guidance, and support have made them a top choice among clients.

It was hard to find a negative review on the site, and even the ones rated by fewer clients have good ratings. However, we have discovered that some psychics weren’t what they presented themselves to be, and a few customers warn you to be careful in your choice.

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Online Tarot Readings Options: 

With so many platforms and online psychics available, deciding which one is the most suitable may be complicated. The services are paid with your money, and before you engage in anything, it’s best to pay attention to some details.

That’s why we will give you tips and tricks which will help you in your decision and educate you on what to look for when selecting an online tarot reader for your necessities.

The advisor’s skills, methods, rating, and experience

When you go through the advisors, and someone catches your eye, you should closely inspect them. Preferably opt for a psychic with vast experience and increased ratings. This is essential for an online tarot reading because adept tarot masters have a way with the deck and profound wisdom.

You can constantly select the methods and skills through the filters. However, even with filters, you will get a bunch of options. Take your time and check everything before deciding. Tarot and other categories aren’t just talents; they require observation, examination, training, and understanding, often acquired through years of experience.

We suggest picking a more expensive advisor with multiple reviews and high ratings rather than a more affordable one with no reviews.

Satisfaction guarantees and refunds

Another thing you have to consider is whether the psychic readings platform offers a satisfaction guarantee. Because there is a chance that you won’t get what you anticipated, you have the right to ask for a reimbursement. And if the platform is aware of that and offers you a guarantee, that’s a tremendous plus.

It’s vital to read the networks’ terms and conditions and check the refund policy. Many sites offer free minutes or credits as a refund, which you can use with another psychic.

Free minutes and introductory packages

When you resolve an online tarot reading, you will find that nearly every platform offers free minutes in the beginning. These gratis minutes help you choose, so don’t hesitate to use them. If they involve every new psychic, that’s an excellent advantage.

With these minutes, you can see whether the psychic vibes with you and respond to what you ask. If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s best not to move to a paid session and search further.

Moreover, you will detect that platforms offer introductory packages once you make an account. It’s best to check them and pick one if you are sure you are ready for online reading. You can save some money and even be rewarded with more free time.

Contact options

The methods through which you can contact the psychics should conform to you. That’s why it’s advisable to pick a tarot reading platform that offers various contact methods. Some people are more comfortable with an email reading, while others prefer a video.

When you don’t feel like talking on call, it’s best to decide on a written reading or a live chat. Still, the best option for an online tarot reading is a video because you can see the cards yourself and participate in the reading altogether.

Reputation and background of the online psychic site

Even though we mention it last, the reputation and the platform’s background are crucial. The prominence of the online tarot reading platform, its transparency, experience in the business, respectability, customer support, and services all contribute to the brand image, which you must consider.

You don’t want to collaborate with fishy sites which may have hidden charges, aren’t trustworthy, or are full of charlatans. Often, psychic networks which are longer in the business have remained on the market because of their worthiness and flawless services. It’s expected that you will feel safer and more serene with such a network.

You should analyze everything about the platform and psychic you pick by reading reviews and examining third-party sites, forums, and social media. When all is on the good side, you can begin your intimate reading, which is supposed to serve you and your requirements.

Online Psychics vs. Psychics: Why is it Better to Use Online Psychic Services?

Online psychics and tarot reading sites operate 24/7, a primary attribute, in opposition to in-person psychics, for whom you often need an appointment and your options are limited. Moreover, you can access these platforms from your home whenever it’s best for your schedule. If the psychic you prefer isn’t available, you can schedule a meeting again according to your free time. A huge plus is when the network operates a mobile app, with which you can have entry anywhere.

Similarly, with online psychic platforms, all is up to you. You can select the categories, methods, and ways of communication. You can contact the psychic by writing, calling, chatting, or video and feel cozy during the reading. Again, you can fix everything according to your desires, situation, mood, and atmosphere. And, you get thousands of opportunities; there’s no chance that you won’t find what you are looking for.

The most pleasing thing about online psychics is that platforms offer you to meet psychics for free. Thus, you can break the link and continue with someone more appropriate for your case when you don’t like someone and feel something’s off.

FAQs Regarding Tarot Readers Online: 

Q1. How accurate is an online tarot reading?

Free online tarot readings should direct you, and they may give you solutions through their symbolism. However, it’s crucial to be prepared and know what to ask. If the cards want, they can give you an answer. Yes, psychics declare that cards as magic tools decide whether they want to answer and what you are ready to hear.

Bear in mind that tarot is open to free interpretation, and your reading will depend on the psychic and their capabilities. Nevertheless, even skilled advisors can sometimes miss and give you an inaccurate interpretation.

The essential thing is not to anticipate too much and be ready for everything. Online tarot readings may have their downsides, but on the whole, they can be authentic.

Q2. What kind of questions do you ask in an online tarot reading session?

It is all connected to the subject you pick and your case. If you are curious about love and relationships, you can ask about the connection’s energy, the upsides, and downsides of the relationship, the feelings, intentions, and potential outcomes. On the other hand, if you want to know about your career, you can ask whether you will prosper with your current projects, are you at the right place, and what steps you should take to succeed.

The list is indeed unlimited. However, it’s best to have your questions ready from the beginning and not get lost in details.

Q3. Can an online tarot reading predict my future?

Predictions are very complicated. Nothing can be foretold with certainty, yet, some things are made to happen. So the answer to this question is, yes, sometimes you can get a glimpse of destiny with tarot.

Nonetheless, everything depends on your unique will and the path you decide to walk. The tarot deck can only lead you in a specific direction, but it’s up to you whether you will follow it and take action.

Q4. What shouldn’t I ask during an online tarot reading?

It’s simple. Everything you don’t want or aren’t willing to find out. It’s also absurd to ask something you already know because you only request reassurance. If you want a guarantee, tarot can’t give you that.

It’s weird to ask when you will die or if a particular close person is close to death. Those questions are often skipped in a psychic reading session. Likewise, always avoid questions that are answered with yes or no and definite future predictions.

Q5. Who can use an online tarot reading service?

Every person at least 18 years of age who’s responsible for their own life and choices can use such services. When you are a grown individual, who wants to get some insight and advice, you can pick an online tarot reading.

Concluding – Get Free Tarot Reading Session Trials At Top Psychics Sites Of 2022

After assembling and analyzing this online tarot reading article, we may confidently say that online tarot is way more helpful than offline tarot. Many advantages make these five online platforms a dominant pick, and with their assistance, you can benefit and feel comfortable. Keeping in mind that accurate tarot card readings are intimate, we hope that you will find what fits you and be content.

After going through everything yourself, we are certain that the decision-making process will be way more straightforward, and you will be able to pick a psychic who is honest, sharp, and gifted. We wish you luck, and we are sure that your online tarot reading will be one-of-a-kind.

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