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Best Sea Moss Gummies Of 2024

Escape the Tide of Confusion: Navigate the Ocean of the Best Sea Moss Gummies with Our Deep Dive
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Life is moving fast, and our health is struggling to catch up. Health supplements are the fastest way of replenishing our bodies with essential nutrients and vitamins. 

Health supplements have evolved from powders and capsules to delicious gummy forms. Among these, sea moss gummies are the latest sensation- offering healthy skin, regulating blood glucose, and enhancing immunity.

Don’t have the time to check every sea moss product in the market? Our experts have tested 25+ options to find the 5 best sea moss gummies of 2024.

Top 5 Best Sea Moss Gummies

Riti Irish Sea Moss Gummies

Elm & Rye Sea Moss Gummies

Irish Sea Moss Gummies By Buckleberry 

Double Wood Sea Moss Gummies 

Teaveli Vegan Sea Moss Gummies

What Are Sea Moss Gummies?

Sea Moss is a red algae loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that offer a whole lot of health benefits, such as better digestion, skin health, and immunity. Sea moss gummies encapsulate the benefits of Irish sea moss into a convenient, precisely dosed, and delightfully flavored gummy that’s super easy to add to your regime.

How Are Sea Moss Gummies Sourced?

Sea moss gummies or supplements are sourced from various species of seaweed obtained along the Atlantic coastlines, especially in the Caribbean and Ireland. Sea moss is collected from rocky seabeds, cleaned, dried, and processed into supplements and gummies.

Best Sea Moss Gummies Available On The Market

There are many sea moss gummy brands available on the market today, but it can be difficult to figure out the best ones out of those. Hence, we have reviewed and tested multiple brands to ease your decision-making process. Here’s the list of the top 5 brands of sea moss gummies:

#1. Riti Irish Sea Moss Gummies

We are kicking off our list with the overall best sea moss gummies: Riti’s Irish Sea Moss Gummies.

Riti Irish Sea Moss Gummies is a dietary supplement made from Irish sea moss, bladderwrack, and burdock root. This perfectly formulated combination is rich in vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants, all contributing to improving overall wellness.


  • Improve skin health and immunity
  • Promotes healthy weight
  • Made from high-quality natural ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Sea moss gel gummies for weight loss
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Third-party tested
  • No artificial flavor or color


  • Can only be purchased online


One pack of Riti Irish Sea Moss Gummies is available for $49.95, two-pack for $89.91, and three-pack for $127.37 through a one-time purchase. Subscribing to a purchase saves you up to 25% on each.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Riti”

#2. Elm & Rye Sea Moss Gummies


Elm & Rye Sea Moss Gummies are dietary supplements expertly formulated by researchers at Elm & Rye, a company renowned for producing high-quality supplements.

These gummies contain Irish sea moss, glucose syrup, sugar, distilled water, pectin, natural and artificial flavoring, citric acid, and sodium citrate. This combination is designed to support various aspects of health, including thyroid health, weight loss, and immunity, among others.


  • Third-party tested
  • Best sea moss gummies for weight loss
  • Reduces bad cholesterol levels
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Use of artificial flavour


One-pack of Elm & Rye Sea Moss Gummies is available for $44.99, two-pack for $84.99, and four-pack for $149.99 through one time purchase. Subscribing to a purchase saves you up to 20% on each.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Elm & Rye”

#3.  Irish Sea Moss Gummies By Buckleberry 


Thirdly,  we have Buckleberry Sea Moss Gummies. Infused with a delightful mixed berry flavor, these Irish sea moss gummies contain Irish sea moss, bladderwrack, and burdock root.

Indulge in these tasty sea moss gummies that not only promote thyroid health but also offer support for skin, hair, joints, and sexual well-being. 


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Aids detoxification
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Improve overall well-being
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Third-party tested
  • No artificial flavor or color
  • Cheaper than the other options


  • Only available online


You can get the best price for one pack of Buckleberry Sea Moss Gummies at $26.9 on Herb’s Pro.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Herb’s Pro”

#4 Double Wood Sea Moss Gummies

Double Wood is for those who want high-quality and vegan sea moss gummies. The brand uses pectin instead of gelatin to keep its formula free from animal-derived ingredients. We’ve put it 4th on our list due to the lack of fast shipping options, but its enhanced formula is worth checking out.

The gummies provide 1750mg of Irish sea moss, 1000mg of Bladderwrack, and 250mg of Burdock root per serving. While the brand offers a similar formulation as our top sea moss brand, it contains granulated sugar, which might not suit health-conscious users.


  • High-quality sea moss extract
  • Does not contain fillers
  • Third-party tested
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Made in GMP-certified labs


  • Orders shipping take 5-7 days


Double Wood Irish sea moss gummies are priced at $19.95 per pack. If you’re looking to buy in bulk, you can get packs of 3 for $49.95 and packs of 2 for $34.95. You can also subscribe to their automated shipping scheme to save 15% on your every purchase.

Click here to visit the official website of “Double Wood”

#5. Teaveli Vegan Sea Moss Gummies

Lastly, we have Teaveli’s Premium Sea Moss Gummies, which are best because of their broad-spectrum health support but lack payment options. These bear-shaped gummies are filled with rich Irish Sea Moss, thyroid-supportive Bladderwrack, and Burdock Root with antioxidant properties.

Each bottle contains 120 gummies that are vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Each serving has 1750mg of Irish Sea Moss, 1000mg of Bladderwrack, 250mg of Burdock, 2.5g of Sugars, and 4g of carbohydrates. Their sea moss gummy formula contains 17% less sugar per gummy, making it a decent option even for diabetics.


  • 1750mg of Irish Sea Moss
  • 120 vegan-friendly capsules per jar
  • 25% off on the first subscribe and save order
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Comes in a delicious berry flavour
  • Improves immunity
  • Provides thyroid support
  • Contains 17% less sugar


  • Limited payment methods


Teaveli Sea Moss Gummies are priced at $24.99 for a pack containing 120 capsules. Opt for the convenient subscription option, and you can have your package delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months, enjoying a 10% discount on every bottle.

Benefits Of Sea Moss Gummies

Sea moss, a seaweed with historical medicinal use, is now popular in wellness products. Carrageenan, a component, has antibacterial, anti-tumor, and antiviral properties. Here are other sea moss gummies benefits:

  • Boost Immunity: The sea moss’ high iron and antioxidant levels contribute to immune improvement. Sea moss’s gelatin-like texture soothes mucous membranes, aiding mucus production to trap and remove harmful bacteria.
  • Aids in weight management: The high level of fiber content of sea moss gives a feeling of fullness, which also aids metabolism.
  • Support Healthy Heart: Sea moss contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help to boost the cardiovascular system.
  • Enables Hair Growth: Major research on the benefits of sea moss in the Nutricosmetic sector backs up this benefit.
  • Anti-cancer properties: Sea moss contains Fucoidans, which have been shown to reduce and or prevent the risk of colorectal cancer.
  • Anti-aging properties: Sea moss contains bioactive compounds like Eckol, Fucophloroethol, and Fucoxanthin that help to nourish the skin.
  • Impact on Gut Health: Studies indicate that sea moss has prebiotic potential, positively influencing the gut microbiota. Prebiotics help to synthesize fatty acids that serve as an energy source for gut cells.

All of these are why celebrities like Kim Kardashian love Sea Moss gummies/smoothies.

How Do Sea Moss Gummies Work?

Sea moss supplements use the nutritional value of Chondrus crispus, a type of red algae, to work. Here’s how sea moss gummies work for your body:

  • Nutrient Absorption- Sea moss is a natural source of iodine, a vital nutrient for thyroid health. Adequate iodine levels support the thyroid in regulating metabolism, energy production, and nutrient absorption.
  • Digestive Support- The high fiber content in sea moss promotes healthy digestion. It acts as a prebiotic, fostering the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and supporting a balanced microbiome.
  • Joint and Skin Health- Sea moss supplements contain collagen, a key protein for joint and skin health. Collagen supports connective tissues, contributing to joint flexibility and promoting youthful skin.
  • Boosted Immunity- Sea moss is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. These antioxidants help combat oxidative stress and support the body’s defense against illnesses.

Are Sea Moss Gummies Safe?

Sea moss gummies are generally safe when consumed as recommended. Overconsumption can lead to complications as these gummies are high in iodine, which can cause certain types of discomfort when taken in larger amounts.

So, dosage is key if you consider adding sea moss gummies to your daily routine. The general dosage for these gummies is one serving or two gummies daily, which can easily fulfill your daily nutrient requirements.

Suppose you want to be more cautious with your selection of sea moss gummies. In that case, you should consider the following:

  • Source and Quality- Opt for sea moss gummies from reputable brands, prioritizing quality sourcing. Look for products with transparent information about their seaweed origins and processing methods.
  • Allergies and Sensitivities- Individuals with seaweed allergies should avoid sea moss products. Additionally, those with a history of gastrointestinal sensitivities should introduce sea moss supplements gradually to monitor their body’s response.
  • Added Ingredients- Check the ingredient list for unnecessary additives or preservatives. The best sea moss gummies contain minimal, clean ingredients to avoid potential adverse reactions.

There is another caveat of these sea moss gummies. More human-based scientific research is still being processed to understand how many more benefits it can provide humans. 

So if you experience any side effects, immediately stop taking the sea moss supplement and consult a healthcare professional. Also, if you have pre-existing health conditions or are pregnant, ask your doctor before taking any gummies.

How To Choose The Best Sea Moss Gummies?

Selecting the right sea moss gummies involves considering various factors to ensure quality and effectiveness. Knowing everything about the product and understanding if it tailors to your needs is important. So you can make the right choice when scouring the market for sea moss gummies to try.

These are the main factors that are important to remember when choosing sea moss gummies for improving your health:

Brand Reputation

When choosing sea moss gummies, select reputable brands renowned for transparency, quality sourcing, and a rigorous commitment to delivering genuine and effective sea moss products. Opting for established brands with a positive track record ensures confidence in the product’s authenticity, safety, and the potential to derive optimal health benefits from the sea moss supplement.

Quality and Sourcing

Choose sea moss gummies that emphasize high-quality sourcing and processing. Good products often utilize wild-harvested or organically farmed sea moss, ensuring it’s free from contaminants and pollutants. Look for details on the harvesting methods and processing standards to guarantee the retention of essential nutrients.


When searching for good sea moss gummies, research the ingredient list for purity. Pick out products with minimal, clean ingredients, ensuring they are free from unnecessary additives or preservatives. Look for gummies that prioritize the natural benefits of sea moss without unnecessary additional components. If your gummy brand has additional ingredients, ensure they contribute to other benefits or help increase sea moss benefits.

Health Benefits

There are extensive health benefits associated with sea moss. Products that emphasize its nutritional advantages, delivering essential vitamins and minerals are best. Sea moss is renowned for its potential to enhance immune function, promote healthy skin, aid digestion, and contribute to a balanced nutritional profile. Choosing sea moss gummies that promote these benefits and offer more should be your first choice.


Although not the primary consideration, the taste of sea moss gummies plays a role in your overall experience. Brands often flavor their gummies so that people can enjoy the benefits of sea moss without any weird aftertastes. You can also read customer reviews that can provide insights into the flavor and texture of the sea moss gummies. Reputable brands balance effectiveness and a pleasant taste.

Who Can Take Sea Moss Gummies?

Sea moss gummies are generally considered safe for adults who are looking to supplement their diet with the nutrients found in sea moss. However, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before adding any new supplement to your routine, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking certain medications that could interact with sea moss gummies like anti-coagulants.

How Many Sea Moss Gummies Should I Take Daily?

The recommended daily intake of sea moss gummies varies and it often depends on the sea moss per serving. Although consensus agrees on two gummies per day with meals or snacks, it’s crucial to follow the dosage instructions provided on the product packaging or consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

How Long Does Sea Moss Gummies Take To Work?

It all depends on individual genetics hence why the results vary. Some might notice changes within a few days of use, others in a few weeks, and some in a few months.

How We Created The List Of Best Sea Moss Gummies?

Here are some factors we considered while curating our list of sea moss supplements:

  • Brand Value

Our evaluation process began with an analysis of the brand producing sea moss gummies. We considered the reputation of the brand in the health and wellness industry, customer reviews, transparency, license, and certifications. Brands with a strong commitment to quality and transparency earned higher rankings on our list.

  • Safety

We thoroughly examined the sourcing of ingredients that make up the sea moss gummies, ensuring they adhered to quality standards and ethical practices. Additionally, we assessed third-party testing and certifications to guarantee the absence of contaminants or harmful additives.

  • Effectiveness

We scrutinized the profile of each sea moss gel gummies, emphasizing the concentration of key components such as Irish sea moss and Bladderwrack. Scientific research supporting the claimed health benefits was taken into account as well as customer reviews.

  • Cost

We compared the cost of each product relative to its quantity and quality. It’s all about value for money. Our rankings considered those Irish sea moss gummies that struck the right balance between affordability and quality.

  • Convenience

Factors like dosage and ease of use were taken into consideration during our research.

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Who Should Not Take Sea Moss Gummies?

Pregnant or nursing mothers, individuals with allergies to any of the supplements, and those on anticoagulants. You can consult with your healthcare provider before taking sea moss gummies.

What Are The Side Effects of Sea Moss Gummies?

Sea moss gummies’ side effects are rare since they contain natural ingredients but people with allergies to any of the supplements could have allergic reactions.

Final Thoughts About The Best Sea Moss Gummy Brands

Sea moss gummies have become a go-to for people familiar with their benefits. The rich vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are for people who want to dose themselves with nutrients without sacrificing taste or ease of consumption.

Our top brand, Riti, promises to deliver the benefits of Sea Moss without any harmful additives. Their organic formula delivers 92 vital vitamins and trace minerals, including iodine, calcium, potassium, and many more. The gummies are high quality and have a natural mixed berry flavor.

Sea moss gummies should be your top supplement if you suffer from low immunity, digestive issues, and skin health problems. Any of the brands on our list can give you the healthy balance of lifestyle you want to achieve with ease!

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