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Best Testosterone Booster: Top 5 Supplements For Total Body Enhancement In 2022

Are you looking for the best testosterone booster to help improve your performance, energy, and muscle mass? Consider looking into the best deals and enjoy the benefits of smart investment.
Best Testosterone Boosters

Best Testosterone Boosters

Many people get excited after learning about the importance of testosterone to the body and how testosterone boosters work that can help them increase their levels, only to get their hopes shattered from products that don’t work at all.

Testosterone boosters do work, and there are loads of scientific proof to that effect, including thousands of reviews from users of the hormone supplement. The problem with many people who fall victim to substandard products is the fact that they do not know how to identify top-quality testosterone boosters and fall for over-the-top promises of paid influencers who haven’t tried the products they promote themselves.

This article focuses on the various factors that you can look at when choosing a testosterone booster to purchase. We will further present you with our top 5 picks you can trust with a complete review of each to help you understand their composition and full benefits.

Top 5 Natural Testosterone Booster For Men In 2022   

  1. TestoPrime: Overall best testosterone booster supplement, Editor’s choice

  2. Testogen: Best testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction

  3. Testo-Max: Natural testosterone booster for muscle gain

  4. Prime Male: Best testosterone boosting supplements for men over 50

  5. TestRX:  Best Testo Pills to increase testosterone levels naturally

#1. TestoPrime: Overall best testosterone booster supplement, Editor’s Choice

The Testo Prime company was created because the founders looked for testosterone support that they could trust. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with a lot of steroid-filled substances with false claims, and they decided to create the solution to their requirements themselves.

The brand’s mission is to provide aid to men of all ages with their products. They claim that it revitalizes already existing testosterone, helping users look and feel their absolute best. This is the unique selling point of the product they offer.

The company claims that the product is made from only natural products and contains no fillers, steroids, or synthetic substances. In addition, it claims to achieve thickness and flavor without adding any artificial flavor, dye, or additives.

The brand claims that its dedication to using natural products alone is because they focus on testosterone already produced in the user’s body and not those ingested, which is how other products work.

There is always a certain level of testosterone in a person’s body, no matter the person’s age. Thus, the product focuses on providing the proper nutrients to the existing testosterone for the rejuvenation it promises.


  • Science-Backed Formula

The company prides itself on a product created from a well-researched formula.

  • Proven Effective Dosages

The product contains substances at doses that provide the optimum effect when used.

  • No artificial additives

The brand claims that its product is created with no artificial substances. All ingredients are high quality and natural.

  • Use without prescription

The customer does not require any prescription from a doctor or health professional for regular use.

  • Money-back guarantee

The company is confident in their efforts used in creating the product so much that they are prepared to offer a lifetime guarantee to anyone who makes a purchase. They claim to have invested a lot in testing, re-testing, and assessment from independent laboratories, and their product has passed each with flying colors.

  • Certificate of Analysis

The brand makes a certificate of analysis available as evidence of the elements claimed to have been used in making the product, ensuring users of the highest quality ingredients that have been processed with a GMP-certified facility.


  • The brand claims that Testo Prime helps to relieve the stress of users up to 71.6%.

  • Tests show that the product helps burn body fat up to 16%.

  • The company reports that the product helps to develop strength in the muscles by up to 138.7%.

  • The product’s user may experience an increase in endurance up to 92.2%.

  • The brand also claims that its product can help convert up to 12% of the user’s fat into energy.

  • Customers are assured of free, fast shipping to any place in the world.


  • The brand’s website does not provide the option for a customer to subscribe to receive the product regularly.

  • The brand’s focus is primarily on males, assuming females may not have a use for the product.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Testo Prime

#2. Testogen: Best testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction

Testogen is produced from the combined efforts of health, nutrition, and fitness experts who act as consultants for the MuscleClub brand.

The brand focuses not only on producing testosterone boosters for users but also guides them on how to eat well and have a healthy life. They do this through the Testogen blog.

The product was developed to assist grown men of different ages in dealing with the testosterone challenges associated with aging.

These men tend to experience declining levels of the hormone as time passes, resulting in constant fatigue, muscle building and maintenance issues, reduction in sex drive, and a lot of weight gain.

The brand is so confident of the help Testogen offers men with these issues to the point that it offers a 100-day money-back guarantee to any customer that claims to be not satisfied with a purchase.

The product has also received mentions and reviews from many fitness experts. Will Pounder testifies to the product, helping increase his energy levels and simplifying his last reps during workouts three days after use.


  • Testosterone Support

The product offers total hormonal support to help men achieve excellent health and wellness.

  • All Natural

The substances used in manufacturing the product are non-artificial. This claim can be backed by clinical studies undertaken by third-party laboratories.

  • Safe to use

Taking a dose of 4 capsules a day will not cause any harm to the user. The product only helps to increase your testosterone levels after taking it.

  • Revitalization

Testogen affects the body’s energy levels, increases performance in various activities, helps the muscle grow, reduces fat, and improves sexual drive.


  • The product does not require any form of medical expertise before usage.

  • It is manufactured at approved facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • The product’s website is secure enough to give the customer confidence when shopping.

  • When making a purchase, the user is not faced with additional charges. You only pay what the selected product costs.

  • Purchases are delivered anywhere in the world for free on all orders.

  • The product has received reviews from over 800, 000 users from 134+ countries.


  • Product purchase is tuned to one-time orders with no regular subscription offer.

  • The brand’s highlights focus on use by only males.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Testogen

#3. Testo-Max: Natural testosterone booster for muscle gain  

The Testo-Max product is created by a brand that is obsessed with muscle gain and bodybuilding. The company realized that passion for muscle gain often led to individuals opting for substances like steroids to help them bulk up. Developing Testo-Max was their solution to this problem.

Men naturally experience a reduction in testosterone levels in their bodies as they grow older, leaving many of them feeling like a shadow of the men they used to be. The product offers a way for these individuals to prevent age from holding them back in their activities.

The product helps increase testosterone levels in men and is trusted by thousands of natural bodybuilders as a way to help them gain muscles.

It is optimized for people who want to gain in the most natural way available. Push your body to reach its full potential with assistance from Testo-Max.


  • Safe and Effective

The company uses nutrition experts to carefully select natural ingredients to be used in production. These substances are tested by in-house laboratories and third parties to confirm the effectiveness of the product and the absence of adverse side effects when used.

  • Gain Together

The brand seeks to create a community to help individuals gain inspiration from others with similar bodybuilding and wellness goals.

  • Free Shipping

The company delivers purchases made to customers anywhere in the world for free.

  • Help Anytime

There is a 24-hour customer service desk available to provide customers with any information they might require in the use of the product at any time.

  • Great Reviews

The product has received acknowledgment from many users confirming the claims made by the brand during sales.


  • The company claims it has ensured that all substances used in the manufacture of the product are natural, safe for users, with no side effects.

  • It has put a lot of resources into research to make sure that the product is as effective as it should be for users.

  • The brand claims that it only sources premium-grade ingredients to be used in producing the hormone booster.

  • Customers that make purchases on the company’s website are assured that the financial details they submit are securely handled.

  • This company offers free delivery to over 100 countries in the world.


  • One unique characteristic of this brand is that we could not find a very obvious con for this product. It gave discounts, provided an offer for a regular subscription, and included variations for women.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Testo-Max

#4. Prime Male: Best testosterone boosting supplements for men over 50

The Prime male product is a testosterone booster that promises to help users change their lives by assisting them to change the reality they currently live in.

Research has shown that the testosterone levels in men keep reducing and would have been halved by the time an individual reached age 80.

As a testosterone booster, the product, therefore, focuses on helping men increase the levels of testosterone in their bodies, helping them regain the ability to perform activities like they could a couple of years back.

Prime Male was developed to help men rediscover the potency and energy that they once had. This provides them greater vitality and improves their libido.

The brand prides itself on being the only testosterone booster currently on the market that contains all the 12 critical nutrients essential to making users strong, energetic, and active. Men who use this product are promised rejuvenation.


  • 42% Boost in 12 days

The brand claims that Prime Male has undergone many tests to confirm that it aids in boosting users’ testosterone up to 42% within 12 days.

  • Lean Muscle Build

The product helps bodybuilders to build lean muscles at a faster rate. These individuals, therefore, end up getting stronger quicker than they usually would without Prime Male.

  • Improve Libido

For those who have been experiencing a low sex drive due to a drop in testosterone levels, the product promises to help you become a stud. A user can increase their sexual drives to levels they never thought they could reach again.

  • Increase Energy

For those who seem to get tired with the smallest of physical activities, the brand promises that Prime Male will help you overcome fatigue, helping provide you with the energy you might need to perform certain activities.

  • Enhancing Cognitive Function

The company claims that the product has a sharpening effect on the mind, helping to improve cognitive function in the user.


  • Using this product helps revitalize testosterone in your body and helps increase your energy levels for activities.

  • A product that helps users quickly gain lean muscle helps the individual build strength.

  • There have been reports and reviews that claim that using the product has helped with weight loss.

  • Tests have proven that the product helps the user to grow stronger bones over a short period.

  • The product helps improve the mood of its users.

  • It improves the individuals’ urge for sex that tends to drop below certain levels.

  • The product helps lower blood pressure, helps to generally improve the heart, prostate, and makes the skin tighter.

  • The company provides shipping to everywhere in the world, ensuring that purchases made on the website are safe and secure.


  • The company’s website only focuses on one-time orders and does not feature any regular subscription to customers.

  • The problems and benefits associated with the product are focused on predominantly male-related issues.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Prime Male

#5. TestRX:  Best Testo Pills to increase testosterone levels naturally 

Test RX is a product that prides itself on being developed with zinc magnesium aspartate (ZMA). This simply refers to the combination of zinc and magnesium aspartate as well as vitamins.

The product’s primary goal is to naturally help users boost their testosterone levels by improving protein synthesis. This is the process that facilitates muscle growth. Thus, the product claims to help users to gain muscles at a faster rate.

The company claims that various tests in the laboratory and among a controlled group show that users saw approximately a 30% increase in their testosterone levels.

The bedroom is another point that gets affected by low testosterone levels by the effect it has on the sex drive of individuals. Users of the product are promised a restoration of their libido and erections if they are indeed facing some.

It helps individuals achieve quality sleep that is necessary for the production of more testosterone in their bodies.

The product has received great reviews from many users across the globe.


  • The Most Comprehensive Formula

The company claims to have dedicated a lot of effort into research to help produce the best combination of substances that boosts testosterone and aids natural muscle development.

  • Right Dosage of Ingredients

TestRX is made up of substances formulated in almost perfect doses for optimum effect. The brand claims that no testosterone booster on the market now has the right combination of speed and effectiveness to produce maximum energy, enable muscle development, and improve recovery after workout sessions.

  • Manufactured in USA

The company considers the existence of its cGMP compliant facility in the United States a major advantage over its competitors. It goes the extra mile to provide certificates to verify the quality of the ingredients it uses in the production process.

  • ZMA Inclusion

The brand hails ZMA as a significant part of the formula responsible for the high testosterone boost in its users.


  • The company uses all-natural elements. In addition, it assures users that it contains no artificial substances.

  • Customers will have their purchases delivered to them wherever they are in the United States for free.

  • Customers have the option of returning products within 67 days of making a purchase. This option is subject to terms and conditions.

  • The brand shows its commitment to customers by making a 24-hour helpline available to help them with any issue they may be having at any time. This help desk is open every day.

  • Customers are given an assurance of a safe and secure payment system when they make purchases on the brand’s website.


  • The brand offers no subscription option to enable customers to sign up for regular purchases.

  • The product assumes only males may require the testosterone booster and focuses only on highlighting its benefits.

  • Free shipping to anywhere in the world is available only for a limited time.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Test Rx

How We Made This List For The Best Testosterone Booster ?

As men age, the level of testosterone in their bodies gradually declines. There are lifestyle changes a person can make to keep this decline at the minimum.

Regular exercising and healthy eating habits can contribute to reducing the rate of decline, but the most effective method is to start taking testosterone boosters as a supplement that will help increase the levels in your system.

The introduction to this article talked about the myriad of testosterone supplements for men out there and the disappointment many users face by purchasing products that either don’t work or are not safe to use.

In our assessment of the hundreds of products on the market, we took time to assess the composition of products and categorized them based on how natural or organic they were, as well as how safe they were to the user.

We checked out the doses of the ingredients listed in the products to properly determine their efficacy when used. This required lab tests and analysis from expert researchers and nutritionists to help determine if a particular dose of a substance was harmful in any way to a user, and even if they were not, to determine how they could unknowingly cause a negative reaction.

This involved looking at how they reacted with everyday food items both in moderation and in excess.

This analysis led our team into understanding possible side effects each product could have on the user, compared the side effects to the product’s benefits, and finally deduced a scale by which we could rate the product using these criteria.

To diversify opinions, we looked at the reviews of each product from the general public, mentions in publications, and critiques from industry experts. We also put out our surveys to help gather information on the kind of reputation brands selected had.

The final part of our analysis involved members of our team trying products left of a greatly reduced list to help us gain a first-hand experience of the brands we were going to choose as our top picks for the article.

We had our experts and consultants come in one last time to assess our methods and results and to give their opinions on the products we had settled on through these processes.

We looked at a few other characteristics to determine ease of use and how customer service is wrapping up. Every factor counted in helping us eliminate products.

Some of these included:

  • Customer Service availability and quality

  • Terms and conditions for product shipping, as well as policies on returns and refunds

  • How affordable the products were concerning the serving each unit contained.

What We Looked For

We had specific characteristics and standards set for all the products we assessed to ensure that only those of the highest quality made the cut.

Each brand was assessed with the following guidelines:

  • Were the substances used in producing the testosterone booster well listed and easily visible to the customer? Users need to know the full composition of the product to determine whether it contains something they react badly to. Also, for a product that is usually not used alone, one needs to know its composition to determine if it doesn’t have a negative effect when combined with substances from the other product.

  • Did the company add information on how these substances were sourced? For a product that is going to cause a change in the user’s body, users must have a full idea of where it is coming from.

  • Did the company provide information on its manufacturing facilities and meet FDA guidelines and industry standards?

  • Did the company submit the product to independent labs for testing, and did it make the results from these tests open and available to users on their website or via a code?

  • Did the company provide dosage information and how it was supposed to be used?

  • Did the brand make all reviews available, and what kind of reviews did the product receive from users?

  • What did journalists and information within the product’s domain say about the product in mentions and reviews?

Buying Guide – Tips for choosing on how to increase testosterone levels naturally  

If you have reached this part of the article, we can assume that you have a fair idea of the best testosterone boosters on the market and what they offer you as a customer.

However, we would like to remind you of some very basic factors you shouldn’t overlook before deciding to make a purchase.

Our buyer’s guide below should give you a quick way to categorize a product with great assurance of its quality.

  • Ingredients Listed

The most important factor for any product a person is going to consume is to know what it contains, especially if it is health related.

Sometimes not every ingredient agrees with a user, even if it is generally safe to consume. There are situations like allergies that make elements that are otherwise safe unsafe for a person. Knowing the composition of a product helps to avoid such unfortunate situations.

Thus, before purchasing a testosterone booster, you should find out what ingredients it contains. In addition, we recommend that you choose products that are made from all-natural products.

You can also check for a certificate of analysis which is usually available on the brand’s website, to confirm the product’s ingredients.

  • Purchase Guarantee

Brands that are confident in the quality of their products are never afraid to issue guarantees. In addition, they give customers money-back offers for purchases they make.

This is one crucial factor to look out for when choosing a testosterone booster to buy. Look out for brands that are confident enough to offer guarantees. This implies that they trust the safety and quality of the product they have on sale.

  • Dosages

The ingredients that make up a product should be combined in their correct proportions to make sure that the product works exactly like it is supposed to. In addition, we recommend that you check the dosage of elements in the testosterone booster before buying it.

Certain substances like D-aspartic acid will only be efficient when a particular amount (2000 mg) of it is consumed. Thus, not having the right amount of it in your product will mean it will not work as expected.

Look out for companies that try to sidestep giving you information on the dosage of their product’s components by using collective descriptions like “super blend” or “secret formula.” The idea of making this mysterious is only a way to mask the attempt to not provide the customer with the necessary information needed to check dosages.

This is shady and happens mostly when the product does not contain all the stated ingredients.

  • User Reviews

Customer Reviews are important when choosing a product to use. These are testimonies from people who have already used the product you are trying to buy. Most of them had needs similar to yours when they got it, so hearing what they have to say about how the product helped them is useful.

Always check the availability of reviews and see if these come from established publications, industry experts, or famous journalists. This is important since some brands may opt to pay anonymous individuals to provide fake reviews about their testosterone boosters for you to read.

Also, try to pose questions about the product on forums online and on your social media channels to find out what others think about the product you are assessing. You can trust these reviews better.

Finally, you can ask your family and friends what they think about a certain testosterone booster you are looking to purchase. Chances exist that some of them may have used it before and will give you honest feedback on the product.

The point is to gather as much information from every possible source to help you eliminate the possibility of falling for fake reviews from paid promoters.

FAQs on Testosterone Booster

Q1. Are Testosterone Boosters Safe to Use?

High-quality testosterone boosters are safe to use. These have been developed by expert scientists and have undergone myriads of tests to help ensure that they don’t negatively affect users.

The quantity of substances has also been checked since too much of anything may have negative effects even if they are all-natural. The top-quality products come with information on the ingredients used in developing them and their respective dosages.

Also, you may be using another medication or have a particular health condition that will have a negative reaction to the testosterone booster you attempt to use. You should therefore consult your physician to avoid any of these scenarios when using a product.

Q2. How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Different people have different body types, and the time it takes for a person using testosterone boosters to see results will vary.

Normally, you should wait a couple of weeks or even a month before expecting to see the effects of the product in your body. Products that promise you overnight results are shady. You should be very careful when dealing with brands that make such promises.

Consistent use of the product in the required doses will contribute to faster results and healthier lifestyle choices like exercising and eating more balanced diets.

How are testosterone boosters different from anabolic steroids?

A lot of people interchange testosterone boosters and anabolic steroids often, but the two substances are different.

Testosterone is a hormone that is most dominant in males. Testosterone boosters provide nutrients to this naturally occurring substance in the body, helping to revitalize them and increase their levels.

Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, are artificial substances used to mimic the effects of testosterone in the body.

The body has limits, and naturally occurring testosterone obeys these limits even when revitalized. Anabolic steroids have no regard for limits within the individual’s body and can help them exceed them.

Most bodybuilders and athletes, therefore, use them to greatly increase their physical abilities. A user can build outrageous muscle mass or increase endurance so much that the substance is considered an illegal performance-enhancing drug in the world of professional sports.

While testosterone boosters only seek to cheer on already existing hormones in your system, giving them a reason to be excited and multiply, steroids are new to the body. They are used to exaggerate the effects of testosterone in the body.

Q3. How Do I Know I Have Low Testosterone?

Testosterone can start declining in the body at any age, but this mainly occurs within individuals who are 30 years or older. Research has shown that around this period, testosterone levels drop at an average of 1% annually.

This comes with constant fatigue, lack of energy for most activities, increased weight, reduced libido, and sometimes blood sugar or heart-related issues.

You can confirm the condition by going for a simple blood test to check the exact testosterone levels in your body.

Q4. Is There an Age Limit for Using Testosterone Boosters?

Most brands recommend testosterone boosters for all individuals who are at least 18 years old.

Testosterone in the body starts declining at a certain level, and older people may have very low levels of the hormone. This does not mean that the products are not going to work for such individuals.

This is the very reason why testosterone boosters exist, to help increase the levels within individuals facing a decline. So, even if you think you are too old for these testosterone booster supplements, you will not be excluded from using these supplements for all their listed benefits.

Conclusion: Can Testosterone Supplements Improve Your Sex Drive?

Testosterone boosters are supposed to help improve your general wellness.

Using a sub-standard version of the product can have adverse effects on your general health instead of the improvement you were looking for.

Make sure you dedicate some time to properly assess a brand and the product it offers you. In this article, we have made sure to provide you with some tips and even some suggestions of products from our assessment methods.

Use these tips and suggestions, choose a high-quality product that will provide you with the energy you require, help your muscle gaining activities, and the libido improvement you desire.

Never forget to seek expert advice if you are still unsure or your doctor to help match your product with your medical profile, so you avoid any unintended side effects.

Do not waste your money and time when trying to find a natural testosterone booster that will help rejuvenate your health. Put in the necessary effort needed to find one that is going to meet every aspect of your health needs.

We have given you a good head start in this article and won’t mind helping you out with further information you might require.

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