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A breast cancer patient finds her path to healing
Becca Batista

For Carrie Steele, celebrating her 50th birthday was a big milestone. But her celebration was cut short just two weeks later when the discovery of a lump in her breast would change her life forever. In June 2019, Carrie was diagnosed with breast cancer. The single mom reached out to friends who happened to be breast cancer survivors and her brother-in-law, pro golfer Brendan Steele, who referred her to Thomas Buchholz, MD, medical director, Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center, and radiation oncologist, Scripps Clinic. From the moment she connected with Dr. Buchholz and the rest of her Scripps team, she knew they were the perfect fit. Read more on the individualized treatment Carrie got at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center here. 

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Scripps Health – Brighter Days

Becca Batista

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