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Cassie Zampa-Keim Is Dedicated to Helping Singles Find Their Perfect Match

A professional matchmaker explains how she got started and why she loves what she does.
Innovative Match

Innovative Match

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1. How did I get into the business?

After college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But I was (and am) a people person. I like to get to know what makes others who they are and how I can help them improve their lives. I had an opportunity to apprentice with a local matchmaker, so I gave it a shot. It didn’t take long to find my true passion, which is finding love for singles. You could say that when it came to my chosen career, it was love at first sight!

2. What makes a client successful?

Commitment. Commitment to the process. Commitment to their goal of finding love. Commitment to themselves to be the best they can be. For clients to be successful at finding love, they have to be all in. We must work as a team, and they must respond to me. Clients have to have faith in the process and remain optimistic. Attitude counts for a lot. Potential matches can sense when someone’s negative and will shy away from someone who is. Positivity is an aphrodisiac.

3. What does a typical client look like?

This is the great part about what I do. None of my clients are typical. They range in age from their thirties to their eighties. They come from various backgrounds. However, there are commonalities, and they are that all of my clients are smart, successful, dedicated, and kind people who lead full lives but know their life can be fuller with the right partner. My clients are with me because they are invested in finding love and invested in themselves.

4. Why did I start doing the hot tips of the day on Instagram?

People were asking if I had one piece of advice for them what it would be. I’ve been in this business for more than three decades and, therefore, I have a lot to say. It’s also why I wrote my book, “Finding Love After 50.” This led to my hot tips on Instagram (@innovativematch). I realized people wanted practical yet inspirational information they could get while on the go. My hot tips took off because it was a way I could connect with singles and them with me while Why does Cassie call her work a journey and not a program?

Finding love requires introspection and making incremental changes to your attitude, environment, and, how much faith you have in yourself. Transformation is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Calling what I do a program implies there’s a start and finish and minimizes the magic that comes when you commit to yourself, which you must do to commit to someone else. A growth mindset is something you develop and can take with you wherever you go and benefit from whoever you’re with, especially a new love. Are you ready?

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